P-SEA I'M Teachable Online Workshop

I'M Teachable Professional

An Online Workshop to learn the basic foundation of First Impression Success and being professional with your potential online clients around the world so that you can set yourself to earn online the right away finally. | taught by Muhammad Siddique

Course description

An Online Workshop to learn the basic foundation of First Impression Success and being professional with your potential online clients around the world so that you can set yourself to earn online the right away finally. Discover the Basic foundation of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to set yourself for professional career success.

Muhammad Siddique
Muhammad Siddique
Global Social Media Authority, Mass Publicity Influencer, Entrepreneurial Philanthropist and Host of Instant Publicity Interviews

Muhammad Siddique is the Global Social Media Authority, Mass Publicity Influencer, and
Entrepreneurial Philanthropist, host of Instant Publicity Interviews.

Mr. Siddique is an Advanced Online & Social Media Strategist and A pioneer of innovative high-ROI direct response B2B marketing processes.

Specializing in the finding, targeting, and qualifying of optimal leads and prospects for B2B companies with the high client and customer values.

Mr. Siddique is the Media Publisher & Publicity Generator, Publisher of Multiple Business Magazines.

Mr. Siddique has interviewed thought leaders and mentors from around the world.

Mr. Siddique is the King of Relationship Capital and Skilled power-broker responsible for engineering over one thousand profitable or fruitful joint-ventures and partnerships in business and government.

As per Mr. Siddique's clients
“When people need to connect to someone of
high-influence or high-office, they first connect with Siddique.”

Mr. Siddique is the International Philanthropist and Advisory Board Member of Al-Sharif Foundation International, the World’s First Perpetual & Self-Fundraising Entrepreneurial Philanthropy.

Al-Sharif Foundation provides free quality entrepreneurial education & training in the online mirco-jobs industry in Pakistan. Most charities only give “fish" (aid). We teach people to fish for life.

Most charities only put 85% of donor funds to work. Our uber-innovative model puts 500%-1,000% of our donor funds to work, because each student donates their initial earnings to fund another student, thus creating a perpetual & self-fundraising model that multiplies every $1 our donors give, to between $5 - $10 in contributions.

Mr. Siddique is the founder of Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy, a project of Al-Sharif Foundation, on a mission to train 1 million entrepreneurs.

Any questions? Please join the P-SEA Official facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/pseaofficial/ and post. P-SEA Family members will help you. Stay blessed.

Course Curriculum

Reviews (339)

Mechanical Engineer

by Abdul Razzaq Anjum
I am working with EL Nitco,STP in Abu Dhabi(UAE).My job is O&M in the Saverage Treatment Plant.I have time for partime work.

by Muhammad Ihsan

Excellent for learners

by Mobeen Hafeez
Sir, you are doing a really tremendous job. I have learned many things by this course or videos which I never learned in my student life. I am Business Management Student and as a business student, I get key information/points for success from Jason Gilbert and Alex Mandossian. Thank you so much for sharing these best ever videos with us.
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Mechanical Engineer

by Abdul Razzaq Anjum
I am working with EL Nitco,STP in Abu Dhabi(UAE).My job is O&M in the Saverage Treatment Plant.I have time for partime work.

by Muhammad Ihsan

Excellent for learners

by Mobeen Hafeez
Sir, you are doing a really tremendous job. I have learned many things by this course or videos which I never learned in my student life. I am Business Management Student and as a business student, I get key information/points for success from Jason Gilbert and Alex Mandossian. Thank you so much for sharing these best ever videos with us.

A Perfect Startup Guide for Freelancers

by Muhammad Sohaib
I would like to introduce my self as Muhammad Sohaib, currently based in Makkah,Saudi Arabia and working as Mechanical Engineer in one of leading construction companies. Since my graduation back in 2013, I was having a thirst for freelancing work but unfortunately could not find any platform to start from. As the matter of fact, I joined well known freelancing websites, such as freelancer and elance but found myself blind on how to proceed further and present myself in a specific way to catch some online work. I submitted number of proposals against various jobs but could not end up getting a single one of those. Then I started looking for courses on how to tackle online jobs market and get myself supported fiscally. I was fortunate enough to find P-SEA link via facebook and got to know about I Am Teachable Course. My biggest challenges were to present myself professionally and get to know psyche of people involved in freelance market. Now that I have gone through all the components of the course, I am happy to say that I have improved my professional outlook on social media website succesfully and recently I got the 20AUD work from a client in Australia. I would like to pay bunch of gratitude to P-SEA team and especially Mr. Muhammad Siddique and all the great mentors who are helping us make our lives self depenedent. Finally, I have shared this course with my peers and looking forward to be permanent member of P-SEA Family. Thank you again for ths wonderful course.

Superb Experience to Change the Scope of Thinking

by Shakeel Jutt
Hi this is Shakeel Jutt. I'm from Pakistan,recently living and working in Buraidah, Saudi Arabia. I work as an auto electrician. My biggest challenge was to deal with angry costumers before joining this course. As i was totally failed to fulfill their orders at time.so because of this course, i came to know how can i make them happy. Things which i learnt from this course are priceless, here are top three of them: 1- Principle of priority - how can we save our precious time to get benefits from it. 2- Why are first and last days important in our career? 3- What are those three questions which we could ask from our angry costumers to make them pleased? And finally i truly recommend you to take this course because it accelerates your inner zeal to use your hidden talent in the proper way. Thank you !


by Syed Zohaib
It was so informative and encouraging I learned a lot and hope to get benefit out of what i learned here.


by Abbas Cheema None
This is great workshops

The way of to being a successful and professional online businessman and online worker.

by Aftab Ahmad
Before joining this course I really hard works for being an online worker but unsuccessful every time one day I see course video and join this course after joining I learn many things which I don't know before and gain my skills and knowledge this course teach us in simple wording which I can understand easily and follow all the steps easily and I like the founders dream which wants to share their knowledge with other and wants train peoples in this course I learn how I can present myself professionally on social media and improve my English reading or writing skills I highly recommended this course to my friends and all of the peoples which want to be successful online businessman and workers seriously so join this course and follow the instructions step by step and hope for the best.

Fruitfull effort

by arslanc ghori
I am arslan ghori from rahim yar khan, studying Bs Agri Sciences. It is very good effort to make youth to get their goals. Unemployment is a big issue, By these course they have a 2nd chance. I hope most of us will get 100% friutfull results from this. Thanks sir for your great effort.

The Best Platform for all of us

I'm Abdur Rehman from Chakwal and I say this to clarify that the P-SEA is a great gift for Pakistanis That's why I say that all come and become part of it and learn to use their skills.

P-Sea Programme

by Muhammad Abrar Riaz
I was learning a lot from this course. I have many friends who I will invite them to Learn course quickly and doing work with handsome earning. P-Sea Academy team is doing a great job.The most useful thing it should benefit us and others should also be invited.

Vedio Editor Master class

by taqdees bari
I have learned a lot of P-SEA Various Courses ,specialy thanks for Vedio Editing. It's not a single course, learn lot of knowledge,english language improvement and other skills.I have no idea to speech of language but i will improve it. Specially thanks to honorable person Mr. Muhammad siddique and Mr. Muhammad Bashir.

Appreciate your efforts

by Muhammad Danyal
Thanks a lot to all the team, I appreciate your efforts, you all work hard on this network only for the help of students and housewife even for every person. Thanks again

easy way

by muhammad ghaffar
Sooperb field easy way to help others

Great course

by Ehsan Ullah
I am Ehsan Shahbaz for Gujranwala, Pakistan. I was seeking to learn some communication skills and other tricks then my friend gave me the link for this course. I enjoyed it alot and I think this is the best guide for beginners and freelancers Thanks Ehsan

Course benifical for common man

by Ghulam asghar Empty
I have learned from l am teachable course that how can l present my self in social media skilfully. I gained confidence to use my skil online .i was given guideline how i may be useful and write review for given item. I used to waste time on social media but after course i use my time. at upwork usefully dr ghulam asghar from multan

Course benifical for common man

by Ghulam asghar Empty
I have learned from l am teachable course that how can l present my self in social media skilfully. I gained confidence to use my skil online .i was given guideline how i may be useful and write review for given item. I used to waste time on social media but after course i use my time. at upwork usefully dr ghulam asghar from multan

Amazing experience: Dr. Haseeb Ashraf

by Haseeb Ashraf
I am Dr. Haseeb Ashraf from Gujranwala, Pakistan. I am a Physician and a Medical Writer. Although I've been successful in earning online by writing articles, case studies and literature review for various clients around the globe. However, recently I've been thinking of a way to earn myself and become a source of employment to many unemployed people especially in Pakistan. During my search I came across P-SEA. I was intrigued by the idea that Pakistan Social Entrepreneur Academy was aiming for. Thus I joined in through the free pathway. Since the time I clicked in and watched the first video, my curiosity, to watch the next video, increased in a vicious cycle until I reached where I am writing this review. I learnt many new things in terms of what to do and what not to do. To mention a few things; 1. To adopt an attitude of a finisher. 2. Attitude has its place higher up in hierarchy as compared to skills. 3. Structure of writing a review and testimonial and the benefits it can bring to a person writing it. 4. How best to deal with an angry person. And the list goes on. I don't know what do I have next but one thing I know is that I've already learnt a lot from this course until now which is beneficial to my self-being, to my profession and also to my relationships. I wish Pakistan Social Entrepreneur Academy (P-SEA) and all its affiliates the very best of luck in their Nobel aim and future endeavors. I hope to keep up with my learning through this platform and to take my aim to its finality with the help of P-SEA. Thanks very much Dr. Haseeb Ashraf

Great Experience so far

by Waqas Tahir
It was such a great experience while taking you guys on board. I have learned alots of things in this IM Teachable course about many things. Nobody on the Internet ever told me these details in depth as u guys did. I found myself too much lucky and I will be looking forward to hear from you in due course. Thanks in advance so nice of you.


by Muhammad Abdullah
I learn a lot of things in I'm Teachable Professional course regarding the Facebook Twitter Linkedin and i am very thanked full to Muhammad Siddique

Yes... I'm teachable professional

I am Mr. Adeel Murtaza from Narowal, Pakistan and studying in BSc Mechanical Engineering at UET Lahore Narowal Campus.I had a need to seek some part time job with my studies and I saw the add of Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy on facebook and starting to follow this.Firstly, I want to say thanks that you made a trust on us.By completing this course, I learned many new things related to Business like how to take initiate and how to proceed out with the passage of time.I highly recommended it to my fellows.It may be helpful for them.


by Abdul Waheed
It is most interesting and meaningful topic.It helped me a lot.I have many issues in grammar and the link you shared helped me for overcoming my problems.


by Abaid-Ur- Rahman
"I'M Teachable Professional" free course is priceless indeed. You providing, introducing and teaching all the professionals tools and skills under this course and Alex Mandossian said great words that "It is all about attitude, skills are learnable". Attitude is what matters the most. and The Alex Mandossian part is really a mind changing lectures and you got the 100% correct heading for that part "Secret Bonus - Priceless". Best regards, Abaid

Just Loved This Free Course.

by Bilal Khan
Hi I am Bilal Khan from Peshawar Pakistan and My Age is 13 Years. I just want to work on Fiverr and want to earn some money online but I was facing many problems to Getting orders on Fiverr. But when I watch a video of P-SEA on Youtube so then i was realy impressed from this course and I am very Happy to join this free course and now I will join Fiverr Success Course. I Personaly recommend al my Friends and Family members to join this free course to Earn money online. Thanks!

Best ever supported learning material!

by Adeel Aslam
I am Adeel Aslam from luddan, punjab Pakistan. I am currently doing Bachelor in business administration from university of the punjab,lahore Pakistan. This course is designed for learners to become aware of online doings. This is very very helpful and friendly service to the nation. Any body can learn from this course everything to support himself by earning online. I experienced amazing learning by this course and I am thankful to all mentors who Ware sincerely guiding.may Allah almighty shower his blessings on this project and this flourish more.

About Site

by Shahzad Arshad
My name is Shahzad Arshad I'm from Lahore Pakistan I'm doing Electronic DEI student first year doing from GCT and I'm doing also Wilcom designer. This site is very helpful for me.I learn lot of thing from here and, the is change mind. I'm very thankful to you for teaching me

Feature Fellow

by Nisar Ahmad
I want to batter my life.so I Decide this way is batter for my life. my best friend talks this side so decide to go this way and the better life. I have good experience in adobe photoshop. and more than effects in pictures. and good typing in write books,notes and more than subjects. i want something better my life.


by Zeeshan Ijaz
This course help me a lot in building my basics and i love it

Presenting yourself and integrity.

by Farrukh Empty
Hello, My name is Farrukh Abbas I m from Faisalabad from this course I learned about how to present yourself on social media for example on Facebook,twitter etc. And also learned about the importance of integrity in business world.

Best learning Experience

by Kamran Shahzad
My name is Kamran Shahzad belong to Mirpur Azad Kashmir. I have completed the I M Teachable Course, its wonderful experience for me. Great idea with the Highly Skilled team towards a noble cause by Mr Muhammad Siddique.I would like to thank all of you (Sir Jason Gilbert, Tcat Houser, Alex Mandossian) from the depth of my heart for guidance and motivation. Kind Regards, Kamran Shahzad

Life Skills

by Zahid Ali
I have improved my life skills through this course. I have learned to make a personal profile on all social media links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). I have improved my English writing.

First step towards understanding of social media

by Nadia Khan ,
I have seen and listen all the videos, though it provides information on improving one's self at first (as a preparation) for the next up comings. The course is helpful, motivating and tells 'why' we should engage in social media as entrepreneur; here I am more concerned about 'How' in terms of earning and making it a permanent source of income. This is merely the first step and I am looking forward to learn more as profession and entrepreneur. **** REPLY **** Thank you for your kind words. Earning part is covered in 'Fiverr Success Course' which is available as part of the scholarship program so available that opportunity and keep going. Stay blessed.

Great Learning Experience

by Muhammad Aurangzeb
Salam. This is Muhammad Aurangzeb from Peshawar Pakistan. I have completed the I M Teachable Course and I feel very equipped with different ethical and knowledgeable skills which were missing before this course. I have thoroughly completed the course and it is an outstanding work from Mentors. This course has made me more socially more professional and accurate. I love the lectures of Mr. Alex which has certainly influenced me in every aspect. The case study shared by Mr. Alex regarding UPS courier service was exceptional. I loved the three questions narrated by Mr. Alex, which are; What Happened? What should have happened? How can I make it right? Once again great steps towards a noble cause by Mr. Muhammad Siddique and Mr. Jason Gilbert. I would like to thank all of you with the depth of my heart to enable us to show our skills and earn for the family. We really need people like you. Thank you so much. Best Regards, Muhammad Aurangzeb

Feeling Good To Say.

by M Rizwan Avi
I'm Mohammad Rizwan Alvi From Faisalabad, Punjab. Feeling better now to learn this course and I have a new hope to do something different and InshaaAllah I tried my best to get fame and money through P-Sea company.


by Samreen Ibre
I learn social media use and grammar check


Very informative and also good video. I m appreciate ur team work.


by Zartashia Iqbal
Social entrepreneurship academy proves as a roadmap for me. I have learned so many things from this platform, especially the professional use of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. I also learned how to earn online. It is very beneficial for those who have skills but have no utilizes of their skills. I appreciate all team members of social entrepreneurship academy for providing us such a superb platform. Thanks

My name is Fahad Ilyas From Shorkot city Punjab Pakistan.

by Fahad ilyas
My name is Fahad Ilyas From Shorkot city Punjab Pakistan. I am an entrepreneur and video publisher on Youtube. Before This, it was very Difficult to represent me on social media. I've learned how to Communicate with others, How to represent myself, and how to increase learning speed.

5 star

by muhammad hassan
We much seeking by this course and I hope it will be very help us


by Inayat Pashtoon Yaar Empty
Really this course was good to me I learned a lot here and by the wish of GOD (Inshallah) I'll suggest and explai the whole purpose of PSEA to my nearest one's. Thank you P SEA

Life changer

by Hafiz Muhammad Zakir
I am Muhammad Zakir from Quaidabad, Punjab(Pakistan). I am teachable. Further I am a Salt trader selling salt and its products including edible salt, animal licking salt, natural lamps, t lights and tiles. This course is really a professional development course. Before it I was taking social networking as a rough. Now I have tried to adopt it professionally. Now I know how to start it , how to deal the customer and how to reply the angry customers. 3M in marketing learned to market he products in professional way. After it I'm building Social Networking. Now I know how to approach the end company . This program specialty is this is free with message clarity. I like the mentor his Excellency Muhammad Siddique and his team effort and with prove my self a better asset for myself and family with the help better and experienced leader at P-SEA. Thankfull to P-SEA and family . Say blessed and be humble.keep going and inspiring.


by Abdul Rehman

by Attia Ch
I found this course very informative. I learnt a lot from this course, That how I can update all my social media accounts for a professional look. It's changed my behaviour toward business and also to behave proficiently at the different situation in business. I recommend everyone to take this course to improve yourself. Thank you so much to M Siddique for time and information.


Grammarly app is very useful and beneficial application

Improve Skills

by Shahnawaz ALI Soomro
Recruited from the Academy of Learned, Improve my skills. Professional recruitment learned to see myself, you also joining you do all the friends request. Thanks For All. Do join Professional Make yourself.

my view

by Afzaal Chishti None
It is very good work for those people who already know English because in Pakistan many people do not know English and your program is contained heavy English I request to you please simple it and it should on Urdu I got so many things from this program but so many students who have only Matric and F.A they can not learn from it . thanks

Brand Yourself (Socially)

by Muhammad Arslan
These videos teaches you, that how you would have to represent you on different social media platform/ how you market yourself on that platforms. You must be approachable on all platform, that is the basic marketing technique.

good course

by Muhammad Awais
sir u have done a great job for all students thanks for this course

Thanks to Mr Siddique

by Muhammad Imran
I really don't know how to thank the Mr. Muhammad siddique of putting that good course there,I am really very happy to complete this course I wish through this course I will make a difference in the society were i am, I hope I can earn more money now for better living of myself and my family and I will also tell my friends to join this course through live discussions with them now my question is how can i proceed further to be a successful entrepreneur? Best regards Muhammad Imran Gojra, Punjab, Pakistan

The best course

by Tanveer Hussain
My name is Tanveer Hussain from Islamabad Pakistan.I have lost so much time in searching online earning and even I did not know about professionalism.I just saw the add of PSEA on the Internet and thought it's also a new scam.After seeing some videos of the course I thought that is the place I was looking for a long time.Thank you, Sir Muhammad Siddique for providing us such a great course that we can compete in the world.

quite good and detailed course

by Muhammad Anas Suleman
Quite good course... explained everything very reasonably and from the start... learned many things from it... just a tiny issue; course could be very brief but it is unreasonably lengthy... however it's quite good overall... bundles of thanks to everyone who participated in this for our learning...

good work

by ammara ibrahim
aslam o alikum I am Ammara ibrahim from lahore, me bachelor of punjab university and I have diploma in fashion designing & graphic designer. I am intrested in online earning. I want do your online course. please help me.

My testimonial for P-Sea

by Ata ullah khan None
I am Ata ulla khan from Lahore Punjab Pakistan. I am serving as producer in electronic media industry. I am very impressed by this initiative and the way by which P-Sea team is implementing and guiding. In my opinion every learnable person should go through this because it's very informative and beneficial in future to learn and earn. Best wishes for the cause. Regards

best way to learn.

by Zohaib Malik
hi sir, i am very impressed from this platform. There is a lot of effort behind this. i have learned a lot from this platform. i learned, how i can become an expert and professional. thanks

Excellent platform for Social Entrepreneur

by Muhammad Awais Rafique
All the stuff include in this course is Just amazing and worth able.Sincere suggestion and lesson by great mentor awsome.Love this course...:)

Excellent Platform for social entrepreneurship

by Qaisar Hussain
Hi, I am Qaisar Hussain from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. By profession, I am a Sales Manager in a pharmaceutical company here in Islamabad. I have always been in searching the platform where I can learn how to do an online business. I had gone through different video tutorials & articles for this purpose but never been satisfied. During that period I get to know about P-SEA. I started following and completed “ I am teachable “ course today. In this course, I learnt a lot particularly the definition of Integrity which is beautifully defined by Alex Mendosian and as his words Trust is lubricant of business. Jason Gilbert and T.cat houser expanded my vision. I learnt new terms of Marketing i.e 3M ( Market, Message, Medium) and that would help me in business. Beautifully designed courses keep me engaged from start to the end. Those who wish to have their own online business; I recommend P-SEA the best platform where they can learn from the world’s top business coaches.

Keep up the good work

by Mohammad usman Empty
Hi. I'm M.Usman. I'm. a student. I completed I'm Teachable cource. I appreciate the efforts of Muhammad Siddique. In this cource i learnt how to use use social networks profesionally and how to use them for your business. This course really help me. I recomend if anyone want to become social entrepreneur then you must take this basic course. Thank you P-Sea.

My Thoughts

by Asif Riffat
I think this is very revolutionary step taken by the management of Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy. The training for mindset is very important because most of Pakistanis do not get this type of training, which is very helpful for personal and professional development.

Yes! I learned and improve my knowledge.

by Muhammad Mohsin
A unique and sincere methodology to facilitate those who had little knowledge about that ocean. Your (you + other teacher) continuous support required for the success of that mission. I learned many things and improve my knowledge and way of thinking. May ALLAH bless you a lot.

“Very Surprising”

by Muhammad Yousif
Dear Muhammad Siddique, that would be great! 2017 is definitely the year to do it too. Thanks a lot for taking your time making theses wonderful and informational videos. It is very helpful and can guide a lot of people like me, who want to become a freelancer. Keep it up and caring for others!

marketing cloth

by noman saeed
i want marketing about coloth and work..because am working coloth shop and i know coloth quality

by Rahmana Amin
I think it's really good.


by Basit Nazir
It's a good course. After watching this tutorial I learn about the different thing that I don't know before this course.

P-SEA a Lifestyle

by Majid Saleem Empty
My name is Majid Saleem. I am from Kehror pacca, Punjab, Pakistan. I am a student of BS Computer Science in Khawaja Fareed university of engineering and information technology, Rahim Yar Khan.I have completed one year of study. I think I have a lot of challenges in my life like what I mostly needed is Motivation. when one of my friends suggested me to join P-SEA, I just signed up and leave. one day I just received a weekly reminder and I lost myself in watching such a helpful videos what I actually learned is what is entrepreneurship? how do I become one? how to get motivated? how to become unstoppable? be fearless Be yourself be a Finisher and much more I just say For P-SEA "P-SEA is river towards the ocean of Knowledge" Follow the beats and get succeed.

Thanks P-SEA

by Ayat Ullah
I am Ayatullah Khan, a tour operator from Islamabad, Pakistan. This course has opened my eyes. After getting this course I really learned the secrets how to be a successful businessman, the importance of integrity and right communication in a business. I recommend this course to the businessmen like me, especially in Pakistan. I have always been feeling something missing in my business life but today after taking this course, I am feeling that the missing thing is now fixed.

The best opportunity to learn online

by Muhammad Asim Yousaf
I have learned a lot from P-SEA Video Editors Masterclass. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Muhammad Siddique for this high-quality piece of work.....


by Abdul Muqeet
It is a good and very helpful for me in my career.

Chance for unemployed people

by Rehman ali Empty
What I learned 1-How to improve my English. 2-How to deal with a customer. 3-How I can enroll in a competent society. 4-And finally, How I can financially help my parents. That's all.

amazing experience

by Moeed Shaikh Empty
Hi, I am moeed from Lahore Punjab pakistan. I am working as a operation in charge in international courier company and I am also student of this ( I am teachable) course. Its give me really great knowledge to represent my self as an entrepreneur. I learned also about best effective marketing techniques and also about how to deal with angry customers. This platform is really great. My best wishes for Mr. Sadeeq and for all other respected teachers.

how i will start this course

by jawad khan
i enroled in this course but now i dont know how to do it so please will please help me

Great Enterpreneurship Idea

by Hanan Memon Empty
Sir, this is very beneficial for young generation, especially who are unemployed.


by Shayan Fareed
It is an awesome course as it provides a great opportunity to learn how to interact with others, how to represent yourself professionally and how to co-operate with your clients/fellows. I> I Have learned 3(three) very important things from this course, on which I didn't pay attention before as I never before realized their importance. I>They are: 1.I have to be open to new ideas, and accept people as they are. 2.I have to utilize my time, except for saying I don't have time as everyone has the same amount of time (8760 hr /year). 3.When everyone around me is negative, I should prove them wrong with my success. I enjoyed throughout the course, learning from great people and their great ways, It is surely a great opportunity. I would highly recommend others to join this course as it is a great opportunity and as they don't know what they are missing.

Fantastic courses

by Rana Shahroz Jabbar
hi, i have completed my course, it was great experience for me. it will definitely help me in my professional career.

A new and a pleasantly surprising experience

by Rumesa Khan
Hello, I am Rumesa Pervez Khan, from Bahawalpur, Pakistan. I was a lecturer and a research associate for three years, then had to quit my job due to relocation. The spare time at hand was amazing at first, then upon finding no suitable job, that very spare time made me look into finding some online work when a random video on facebook caught my attention... and here I am. This was a very long course, but I enjoyed watching most of the videos. Starting from Mr. Muhammad Siddique whose such friendly way of communicating made all the experience so pleasant. The details of "how" and especially "why" should we be managing our accounts on different important websites has been very informational and so easy to understand and follow. After that, the main purpose of this course explained by CEO himself was something I found very significant, and I prayed for its success at the same. Then the rest of the videos focused on simple topics that I never thought about seriously before, but after watching the videos I realized what important role these seemingly simple matters play in our professional and our daily lives, and if not careful, can lead to unavoidable damage. Topics like the two most important days at work, how (don't remember the name) airline hires its employees.....eye opener. I didn't even know what integrity really meant at first. I have already decided to share these videos with my students whenever I get a chance to teach them again. Tips and tricks, nuts and bolts, professional way of reviewing...all can be found here. A long, and tiring course this has been, but highly useful. That's what we want right? Useful? Thank you P-SEA.


by Hameid ur rehman None
Compelling for me

Impressive Workshop

by Muhammad Saqib
It is not living that matters, but living rightly. (Socrates) I have seen many people with great skills but have very small hearts. when I started this workshop, then I realized that there is something precious in this course. when I covered 50% of the course my social and soft skills boost up to 200% now I have no Problem using facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, as well as I learned those things/wise saying that not only helps me in social life but also in real life. To complete this course successfully and watch the founder's Ch.Muhammad Israr interview and off course my Mentor Muhammad Siddique's conversations and lectures I know that there is still self-motivated, honest with his nation, and incredible people exists, we proud of you. Allah will give you his best reward InshaAllah.

Islamic studies

by ghulam hussain babar
Islamic studies

Learning step to evaluate your professional skills

by Nayera iqbal ,
I am Nayera Iqbal from Faisalabad Punjab, Pakistan. I am student of Biochemistry at Government college university Faisalabad, Pakistan.I want to explore the way that leads to the hope for people and beneficial for them. from this course, i learned effective skills to improve English and improve professional ideas like how to treat others and understood their problems.

Another way of wisdom

by Zeeshan Ali
It's quite a good start. Look's like an introduction where I get the information about what and how to do my work. I'm also motivated after watching video messages of Alex Mandossian and other people as well. I have learned how google hangout is so important and testimonials of some great achievers. I will recommend to the people because we can earn money with the help of a group of most supportive people i.e. P-SEA family.

Brilliant Ideas for live Introduction also introduction on social media.

by Aamir Rasheed
I'M Teachable Professional Course Brilliant idea.Mentor Mr.Muhammad Sadique organised course in simple and professional way.I have learnt how to introduce my self with other in live interview also I have learnt the importance of social media profile in professional life.Mr.Muhammad Sadique uploads interviews of world prominent professional that encourage me I can work online and open a new way of thought in my mind.Also Alsharif Foundation role is very important for providing financially support.

Good for learing

by Muhammad Hamid Nawaz
I have learned from this course, How to introduce myself and also it helped me to improve the ability to manage my social accounts! Thank you so much for your great effort!

good foundation

by Saif Ullah
It is a very good foundation which helps the persons where they are.I'm very much impressed by it's working in the whole world.

Best platform for students.

by Saima Jabeen Aslam
It is a best way of spreading and teaching knowledge to others , I really appreciate your efforts. Your communication skills are magically attractive , someone can't stop himself from getting inspired .

Excellent "I'M Teachable Online Workshop"

by Nisar Ahmad
Hello Dears, I am Nisar Ahmad from Pakistan, I studied,"I'M Teachable Online Workshop" on site,"http://learn.pakistanisocialentrepreneurshipacademy.com/". Said Workshop is very informative and I learned lots of new concepts. Especially software "Grammarly" is so awesome. I learned how to make a professional profile on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Overall this Course is Excellent. I am really thankful to Sir Muhammad Siddique and all his fellows and associates.

by Hassan Ghaffar


by Muhammad Danyal
I, ve learn a lot of things from this Corse.I learnt that how can a common man become a professional man, which requirement are essential to be a professional man.And I also realise that "the time of a common man is her money"Simply saying that "our time is money" which we waste on Facebook and other stupid activities.I really Enjoy this job.Thanks, a lot to all the organisation of P_SEA.

I'M Teachable Professional Corse

by Muhammad Danyal
I, ve learn a lot of things from this Corse.I learnt that how can a common man become a professional man, which requirement are essential to be a professional man.And I also realise that "the time of a common man is her money"Simply saying that "our time is money" which we waste on Facebook and other stupid activities.I really Enjoy this job.Thanks, a lot to all the organisation of P_SEA.

An honest review for I'M Teachable Course

by Tahmina Fatima Siddiqui
This case is very helpful, it helps me to gain confidence in my writing due to the suggestion of Grammarly, it helps me to look professional in all my social accounts. I am very impressed with the work of Mr. Siddique and Al-Sharif Foundation. May ALLAH bless both of you. Keep up the good work.

Best effort.

by Muhammad Umair
A.O.A My name is Muhammad Umair. I am from Rahim Yar Khan Punjab Pakistan. I am a student and doing master of computer science from virtual university. I am Teachable course is a very good effort by Muhammad Siddique and his team. This course is very informative and useful and i learn how to show and use my skills for peoples. How to create good relations with peoples. Sir you are doing very good job in a situation when we are waiting for someone who came and do something for us. I am very thankful to you and appreciate your effort for us pakistanis. I must share this with my friends as you say "sharing is caring" and i try my best to do my part in this effort. Thanks

A Golden chance

by Abdul Basit
Well i dont have words to express my feelings because this project is finally giving me a chance to turn my dreams into reality as i had always wished to be a dependent person so this project is giving me a golden chance thanks alot to Mr Siddique, Mr Jason Gilbert and all people who teached me how to be a social enterpreneur.

Awesome course ever!

by Syed Muhammad Awais Zafar Bukhari
I really learned that things i never thought about that in my life, this course is very important to became a professional. I learned many things from this course like.. 1:How to look like a professional on social media. 2:I learned how to i better my english. 3:I learned how to make a LinkedIn profile and other settings. I faced one challenge in the course, Sometimes it's little bit difficult to learn in english like Mr.Alex's lectures. Anyway I'm happy to be a part of this academy and this teachable course. Thank You God Bless!

Bundle of Knowledge

by Qasim Abbasi
Alhamdullah!I have done my first course successfully.first when I heard about PSEA I was not believed but I visit this website and watch the videos and interviews I think this is the best to way to earn.Inshallah i will complete my all courses.

A valuable course for FREE!

by Muhammad Umair
My name is Muhammad Umair, from Hyderabad, Pakistan, I am a blogger, learner, and programmer. I was following Siddiqui on Facebook and I was fascinated by the content that he was producing for free. I also love his mission to make 1 million social entrepreneurs. In addition, I can relate myself to him as a fellow countryman. What results I got from this course: 1) His belief in giving has reinforced my belief in giving. 2) I learned how to message with clarity and increased my subscription rate by 10%. 3) Keep me motivated in achieving my goals.

Inspirational And Motivated

by Naumana Aziz
Hi, This is Naumana Aziz from Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan. I have done graduation in Computer Science. There was a lot of challenges which I have been through during my working session then a time comes for me finally to been proven myself to enhance the capacity which I have or have not. I found the P-SEA link on facebook, I read it and enroll myself for I’m Teachable online workshop. Before this, I didn't have any idea about online working, even I didn’t know how to represent myself professionally on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. They teach step by step from the very beginning that’s why my interest has been increased day by day. The three things that I have achieved from this course, first how to interacts with people or customers and how to communicate with angry clients. Second how to write perfect English with Grammarly and the third one is time integrity, always starts your work on time and ends on time This is a wonder opportunity to enhance and build my capacity upwards. Thank You, Muhammad Siddique, Alex Mandossian and a whole team of P-SEA academy. This will be surely 5-star deserving, with best Regards.

M.phill Economics

by Doll Blue ,
I am interesting to teach Economics


by Munim Kareem
It is best course I have ever been taught on internet

I found P-SEA while surfing on Facebook, and glad I did

by Shazia Hasnain
I am Shazia Hasnain, and I live in Faisalabad, Pakistan. I run a humble set up "EssJay Pkwriters" that provides content writing services to various clients. I am interested in learning internet marketing. The biggest challenge I faced was to find a reliable source, a mentor that wants to give back to the community whatever he or she has learned. I tried a few tutorials on YouTube and joined a few online marketing groups to learn the tips and strategies to use for my business but most of them wasted my precious time. I found P-SEA while surfing on Facebook, and glad I did. The P-SEA mentor and the team are doing a great job. I recommend everyone to join these guys for the sake of increasing knowledge and enhancing skills and for learning to become a successful entrepreneur.

Online Teachable Workshop

by Lucille Singh
This workshop Has change me in every way and, I say it is very Professional. ! More people should be doing this type of workshop, it will benefit people in the workplace. Thanks Lucille

Givingthanks to P-SEA

by Siddiq Anwar ,
Asalam u alikum, I am Siddiq Anwar from Karachi, Pakistan. First of all, I would like to thanks, Mr. Muhammad Siddique and AlSharifFoundation to start that program that will lead Pakistan to brighter future. In sha Allah P-SEA will be successful in that program which you started to make Pakistan stronger. I also want to be an entrepreneur but I didn't have enough guide, but now from the I'M Teachable course, I can see hope to be an entrepreneur. If you give me chance to continue this program In sha Allah I will prove to be the best entrepreneur of Pakistan. Stay blessed.

I'M Teachable Professional

by AD Soomro Soomro
when i watched videos/lesson it was very surprising for me that the persons who are working in PSEA are very dedicated. i found this online course very fruitful for my life

Give me deep understanding of social entrepreneurship and how it works

by Sameer Waseem Ahmed
My name is Sameer and I am from Karachi, Pakistan.I am a university student and studying BBA.I am also learning and taking steps to get into free-lance work.This course gave me a thorough understanding of social entrepreneurship and whats this is all about.All the videos are easy to understand and too much motivating.The knowledge shared by Alex Mandossian is very enlightening and important to understand the social market.I hope that I got selected for the scholarship and study the Fiverr course under my mentor and great personality sir siddque.The only issue I felt is the length of the course which leads to some boring spells but other than that this course is really a nice starter and a factor of motivation in me.

it is really a huge surprise to me

by Asad Hashmi ,
I'm really happy and it is really a big surprise to me. I've learned a lot of things from here. specially I got a little confident from here to improve my activities in Business line and also in educational field. I thought this is a better place to learn to us. Asad Hashmi

Online earning

by Abdus Saboor
Assalam () Alikom My Name is Abdus Saboor From Pakistan I am the expert in Corel Drow. I am a superb designer of a book title, School cards & Service cards ETC I Joined Fiverr website but i am waiting for your best choice according to your demand. Please check my work and take we as design for your choice designing.


by Abdul Ghani
I am Abdul Ghani from Sukkur, abourSindh and I am Student. I heard about P.SEA from an internet source. I initially avoided this and unwillingly registered myself for 'I am teachable course'.I left registration because it bored me much but again after month today I completed it with full enthusiasm and potentially because the various entrepreneurs spoke on the motivating points. I really, recommend to the students to avail this opportunity to get adherent of the learning about entrepreneurship

Awesome Course

by Khalid Empty
this course named I'm teachable is good course it's really awesome i learned a lot through this course now i want to be a successful student of this academy and i get more motivation with this course may be some friends are not agree with me but i strongly recommended this course to anyone...

I'M Teachable Professional Course

by Abdul Rauf
It is nice effort by Muhammad Siddique and his team to promote the 10-million unemployed persons and train/furnish their online earn, teachable and internet skills. The course is expertly organized and its presentation through steps is very interesting. In every step student is guided to follow the link to do a task in real time. And video presentations and expert opinions and experiences are very helpful. I have done e-marketing course at local level in two years ago but their method was very different from this one. It was consisted of more theoretical then practical. That did not give me the skill or facility that help me to earn online and I cannot contact the instructors for help after the training. So that did not encourage me for online earning. Here we do thing in real time step by step and taking help from experts and their videos. And everything/link you go for it is available there. When I saw the link of this course on Facebook, I decided to go for it because this course relates to me, and attract my interests and boost my expertise to work online and earn how much I desire. I have gone through all the lessons and learn much more knowledge about not only about online earning but also about English language enhancing skills and take help from software(s) and make my own brand on social media. Beside the benefits and structure of the course, there are some suggestions, shortcomings/technical faults I want to highlight. First, few of the software links do not work well. When you go for it, it does not load properly or redirect to another site. And it takes a lot of time. It may be the fault in internet speed. It is also possible to replace the proper link instead of redirecting from on site to another. Second, some the expert’s videos are in advance English and their accent is very fast and native. It is possible that most of the Pakistani students do not understand it properly and they skip it. One of the solutions is insert Urdu subtitles or translate it into Urdu. Third, all the course are available online, so someone need fast internet connection to watch and study all the time. One of the solution for this, you can make DVDs of this course and available for those students who do not have proper facility of internet in their local area. Thank You.

I am working as freelancer and i want to learn more skills.

by Rahat Hashmi ,
I learnt many new things in this course i.e. basic skills to work online, how to use grammarly, how to win more work etc. I have also learnt that how to make professional profile on facebook, twitter, linkedin & instagram etc & how this professional profile will help to get more work not only on freelancing sites but also on social media sites. Thanks



Professional Grooming

by Syed Hasnain Raza Naqvi
This course was very helpful regarding start your own business. we identify many minor things which create major part of our success. I think this course is very helpful for entrepreneurs as well as the freelancer and those who want to do something special in their lives.

Arshad Ali personal review

by Arshad Ali
My facebook profile not see professional and picture other thing I not mention Facebook user name I see this course and update my Facebook profile and Twitter profile. Secondly I learn how improved English and how talk on personal review. Third I learn how communicate other facebook friend and comments etc. This course have many updates information and new technology concern nice information but I understand M. Siddiqui speak English but other English person speake English so fast I not understand in best way.

I'M Teachable Professional

by Mubashir Arif
i don't want your mail again and again. please stop it. this was a bore course anyway. no one requires this to use facebook, twitter, etc. Please stop bothering others for your promotion. regards.

Give Little Get More

by M.Nizam Ud Deen Usman
Thanks for sharing your experiences. Highly appreciated, way of teaching is best. Best to to promote your business with no money, no extra effort, only one policy to success is give your best and take the most you deserve. I am Nizam Ud Deen Usman, CEO of ORM Group of Services. I learnt many from using internet to grow my business, this will help me more to boost my Business as well. Again thanks.

usman butt

by usman nasir butt
its amazing course and i am very glad to become your student and the course is very simple and help me learn easily about all skills and grammers

Life changing experience

by Rana Muhammad Awais
My name is Rana Muhammad Awais, I am from Lahore Pakistan. I am doing Certification of Management Accounting from Institute of Mangement Accountants USA. I was unable to represent myself professionally on social media. I did not know how to praise someone in public and how to reach someone for a talk. In I'M Teachable course I got solutions to all the challenges I was facing. I would like to recommend this course to each and every person who wants to excel in life. Thank you so much, Sir Muhammad Siddique and P-SEA for giving me the opportunity to take the course on 100% scholarship.

Experts will always save your time

by Muhammad Bilal Ahsan
I have learnt how to present myself in a professional way on social media profiles and get an idea how to interact with working professionals and investors, I also have improved my writing skills by using ''Grammarly tool''. Before this course, I had a very casual attitude toward my presentation on social media after going through this course I manage to learn about how to present my social media profile in a better and improved way otherwise, I would not be aware of all the stuff as early as I mentioned above.This course had saved my time.

Excellent Programmw

by Muhammad Shafiq
This is the easiest way of learning free of cost!

Learn before earn

by Abdul Moid Nasir
I am very impressed with this course, basically this course not deal with earning but to teach us the very important principles of an entrepreneur, specially the teaching of Alex Mandossian and Tecat not only very important for an entrepreneur but in our daily life as well .

by Muhammad Haseeb Iftikhar Empty
hello, my name is Muhammad Haseeb Iftikhar from Lahore, Pakistan. I am a metallurgical engineering student and also learning photoshop and illustrator. I learn how to make yourself attractive so that people approaches to you rather than you approach to peoples also learned to connect with peoples on social media. I learned how to present myself on social media and I want to say that you are doing an awesome jab. keep on doing as it is helpful for lots of peoples like me who are just wasting time on social media for nothing.


by Noman Naseer
As a student, I have learned a lot of things through this course. My favorite things which I learned from this course are the use of different software like Dashlane and Grammarly. Besides that, i came to know many more business techniques which would be very helpful to me in future. I think you are doing great works. our youth generation needs this type of courses. keep it up God Bless you!

very interesting

by Farooq Alam
i learn lot of things from your course and i also want online work but i dont have 100$ so could plz help me for free work

Beginning of my success life

by Umair Mehmood Empty
Introduction: I am Umair Mehmood. I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I am growing entrepreneur, economy surveyor and finance professional. Appreciation: First of all I really want to appreciate Mr. Mohammad Siddique and his whole team particularly Mr. Jason Gilbret and Mr. Alex Mandossa. My Challenge: I was facing many challenges before attending "I am teachable course" particularly the one that I was lacking the success attitude. What have I learnt?: I have learnt many from this course, listed below: 1- Success attitude. 2- Effective communication particularly in social media. 3- Karma marketing and 3 M of marketing. 4- How to professionally present yourself on social media particularly linkedin, twitter and facebook 5- Effective review writing. 6- How to hire right person and build a team of professionals. Suggestions: From my view point, students should be taught how to search for mentors.


by Waleed Anjum Empty
bundle of thanks for information

Great Opportunity

by Ayyaz Ahmed
First of all, I want to say thanks, to Mr. Muhammad Siddique and his team for this great step with the support of Alshariffoundation, After that, i strongly recommend it to the youth and public of Pakistan because it is the marvelous opportunity for the economic growth of a person and Pakistan. At last, i acknowledge that I learn a lot from "I M TEACHABLE" course which was I never ever know before, it is really helpful step by step guide. best regards Ayyaz Ahmed.

It was REALLY one of a kind workshop.

by Zainab Hamid
Salam, I am Zainab Hamid from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I would like to share my experience of attending the P-SEA workshop which I am very glad and grateful to have. The training was very motivational and encouraging throughout till the end. I want to convey my special Thanks and warm wishes to Mr. Mohammad Siddique, he is doing real great effort for helping people like us who want to polish their skills and need that PUSH, MOTIVATION and HELP to start their careers successfully. Also, it was an honor to learn from Mr. Jason Gilbert, Mr. Tcat Houser and Mr. Alex Mandossian and was great to listening to them world-class mentors. In the end, I would really like to mention that I very much liked the course called "Karma Marketing by Mr. Alex Mandossion" it was full of positive energy that we need the most. Thank You so much P-SEA for mentoring us.

Good enough

by Syed Ibrahim Khalid
Its a good course to have a general understanding of things

About Course

by Mubashar Basheer
It is a very good step to enhance the young students and new comers.Through this course we got a chance to get information about many things that are never used to be taught us.

First step for the success

by Shoaib Mushtaq ,
I have learned a lot of new ideas. Thanks for this course, it has helped me a lot. Clear and easy to follow. Well, this was an eye opener, now I am more desperate and keen to get the scholarship for Fiverr so I can become the part of those successful entrepreneur stories and give my one step of contribution for this Million march.

Really a great course for every one.

by Farman Subhani
Sir, I appreciate Mr. Siddique for his great efforts that he is doing a noble work for the youth and the nation. I was using facebook just for fun but with this course, it shows me that with social media we can do may positive things to learn new things with each other. have learned many new things from this course like how to be positive ,how to talk and behave with other people while using social media.All thumbs up to you. Best Regards, Farman Subhani

Dear Sir, You are a best teacher among all your team.

by Muhammad Hafeez
I learned much things for my personal live. mean way to best talk, customers dealing and your mission is full of honest.

Good Learning Experience...!

by Muhammad Umer Syed
My name is Syed Muhammad Umer and I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I am an Electronics Engineer and done my Masters from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. These days I am giving my services as a Lecturer in an engineering university. Before taking this course, I was unaware of how to deal with clients, but now I know pretty well about marketing and business strategies. The main things I learned from this course are: 1. How to deal with angry clients, 2. How to write a testimonial, and 3. How to use Market, Message, Medium strategy to grow business. I can also recommend my friends to take this course and improve their business skills.

Informative and helpfull

by umar farooq
My name is Umar Farooq and I am from Kharian district Gujrat Pakistan.I am a student and I have recently completed BS(Hons) in Biotechnology. I have watched the whole course of "I'M Teachable Professional",I find it so interesting that I could not stop myself until I have finished it completely.I have learned a lot of new things like how can I improve my English by using 'Grammarly',protect and save my passwords by using 'Dashlane' and most importantly how I can effectively use my social media accounts.So God bless you 'Mr.Muhammad Siddique' you have started a great work. Thank you

Social Thank You

by M Zeeshan Ashraf
Hi ! Mr. Muhammad Siddique I am M Zeeshan Ashraf, from Lahore Pakistan,I have done Master of Human Resource Management from University of the Punjab. Currently I'm working in HR department at Gul Ahmed Textile Mills. I have 3 years of experience in Human Resources. I just want to say you people are doing a fantastic job. P-SEA is a good platform for every person who wants earn Dollars and contributes to their families. Mr. Siddique, You inspire people to learn and that is a task many teachers don't possess, so I would just like to thank you for that. Why I choose this course? By following your videos, I came to know how to present myself on social media, how to update facebook, twitter, and linkdIn profile. Learning is a never ending process. I will never give up until I witness to earn Dollars. I want to earn more after my office timing. Special Thanks to Alex Mandossian, Jason Gilbert, and Tcat Houser for their precious pieces of advice.


by Choudhary Shoaib Ahmed
Assalam-o-Alaikum My name is Choudhary Shoaib Ahmed and i am in Toronto, Canada. I am a molecular biologist and I have done doing teaching, research, sales, and application. I always wanted to learn something about online business or entrepreneurship, and for this,I have read many things and watched many videos, but I always had a fear that this is not for me and I can't do this. After taking this course I feel now that I can do online business, and I am very thankful to all the people who made this course a very successful and effective. I am especially very thankful to Mr. Muhammad Siddique for his efforts and enthusiasm. I definitely recommend this course and P-SEA training to my friends. One thing which I missed in this is that it is Art and computer profession centered course, so I request P-SEA team to please include other professions like biological sciences into this and tell them which options they have on the internet. Thank you

The Best Motivation

by Syed Nabi Bux Shah
No doubt all courses of P-SEA are amazing and used simple language to easy understand about P-SEA working, agenda, goal, and mission. Especially Mr. Mohammad Siddique style of teaching is dynamic. Insha Allah! P-SEA will achieve their ( one million) target soon.

I'M Teachable Professional

by Tariq Hussain
It was very nice training, it is very important to learn every individual for good attitude and adopting good manner in their daily life for using social networking and to their daily life. I learn good things in this training , i appreciate sir Muhammad Siddique for marvelous sharing.I am thankful the Team of P-SEA

Course Review - "I'M Teachable Professional"

Pakistan Social Entrepreneurship Academy (P-SEA) a project of Al-Sharif foundation led by Mr. Muhammad Saddique is on a mission to enroll 1 million entrepreneurs to their academy to teach them about genuine online earning. “I’M Teachable Professional course” is a life-changing course with aim to teach people about genuine online earning. Most of us use social networking websites for leisure, but in this course, we are taught how to use these websites and our skills to earn. The course helped me viewed myself and the world in a whole new light and motivated me to learn and be a better person. With love Waqas Mehmood!

Asif Hafeez | CMA | MBA

by Asif Hafeez
An excellent course I found ever which can help people grow professionally. Really amazing things covered in it and a great learning for everyone as has all the spices it has which are needed to be covered. I learned many things today like the true meanings of Integrity, how we are integrated with each other and thus you understand the meaning of life which is giving and not the receiving only. Next amazing thing I learned is "How we can learn" and help the community to grow. The next important thing I learned is the importance of serving the community by doing a little thing by dedication, as Mr. Siddique is doing to help One Million Pakistani becoming Entrepreneur. The only thing irritating was the length of the course but it is justifiable as it has covered each and everything for a layman or starter. Thank you very much for your contribution.

For being a professional

by zubair ahmed
I gain many things from this for progress hardworking is necessary.

Sea of humanity

by Chaudhry RaZa ,Manzoor
Assalam O aliykum I am Raza Chaudhry From Muzaffarabadd Azad Kashmir, I am a Web developer working as a freelancer, I started this course keeping min mind that it will be a game like fake way of promotions of any product, but alhamdulilah after watching all the videos step by step my point of view got changed and I felt ashamed, that i should not have imagined a wrong perception. Its an amazing lecture I liked one part of it most, 3 questions to be asked from angry customer, I seriously applied it on one client and it worked perfectly. Thank you for you kind efforts to whole team ALLAH bless you Ameen

Great Course

by Mazhar Nazik
This is really a great course and a perfect course to become an entrepreneur. A Project of Al-Sharif Foundation, on the mission to empower 1 million social entrepreneurs in Pakistanis really a great work.

Learn from the efforts of others

by muhammad awais
hello, first of all, i am thankful all of them who share some great knowledge with us nice to meet founder or P-SEA and all of the student of P-SEA who achieves their goal . its ha very good step for the Pakistani students who have many computer skill but they still unemployed . I learned many things in this course like how to represent yourself in social media platforms how to talk someone and how to give complement of other when someone achive award in his life. thank u

Good Program

by Gohar Ali
It is a good and skillful program for those people who knows about computer and social media information technology.

thanks for your effert

by Muhammad Murad nasir
nasir from rahimyarkhan punjab pakistan this session really helpful for my future . looking for online work.all content of this class very useful to focus on my goal. looking further from your side how to start now. and thank you so much you and your team best regards nasir

Excellent Training Programm

by Ali Mumtaz ,
1. It is informative training, really i changed my profile picture as per my Teacher instructions and on the next day morning i got two orders from my customer. 2. Before i put one of machine profile picture. 3. I was not using twitter , i started twitter as Marketing tools. Thanks and Best Regards,


by Owais Khan
sales Marketing.

I appreciate your effort.

by umar farooq
Hi, I am Umar Farooq from Lahore, Pakistan. I have completed "I'M Teachable course".I am grateful that you enrolled me and I appreciate that you are trying to teach us something new so that millions of Pakistanis whether they are technical or nontechnical; idols, jobless and even homemaker ladies can be able to work from home.But personally i am a little bit confused, that why are you spending hours n hours for one tip, whether you can deliver it in one lecture. I am interested in learning more. Please do me a favor, let me enroll in Affiliate Marketing. Regards, Umar Farooq.

Do not waste your time just do this

by Nadeem Ahmed ,
i Am Nadeem Ahmed from Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir. I am a Real estate Agent, Video Editor and I'M Teachable Student. I think, it's a good chance to every Pakistani young generation to boost up their skills and do something for a success full person thankful to Mr, Muhammad Siddique, and his team

Good Program And Cause (I'M Teachable)

by Kaisar Rehman
Dear, I am completing my course I'M Teachable to earn some handsome money from home and it is very useful. I have learn a lot to prove my Identity. And I am sure it will be helpful in any kind durng my future life. Thanks Mr. Siddique to arrange all this for pakistani people.

Good Step

by Shahzad Hussain
I am Shahzad Hussain from Karachi. I have completed I'M Teachable Professional course and I really think that it is a platform on which a person could learn to be a professional and make him/herself an entrepreneur. I'M Teachable Professional is best course for teaching starters about making the brand, same name and profile pictures on every social and professional network like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. and as well as knowing for saving time that if they are teachable or not.

Meet Siddique

by Saqib Shahzad
Assalam O Alaikum! I am Saqib Shahzad from Rawalpindi,Punjab,Pakistan.I am Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Professional having some experience of online Marketing.I thought a lot before joining the course so that I may not waste time in just an average course.However, I found amazing value in it giving me the enormous level of confidence and fabulous strategies.You have a real opportunity to meet Muhammad Siddique by joining this P-Sea Family.I hope you are not going to waste it.Regards!

Best course for learning basic skills

by farman ullah
My name is Farman ullah from Peshawar Pakistan. I am a student a friend of mine told me about P-SEA. I started , I am teachable course, because of this course. 1) I improve my listening skills. 2) Socializing myself on social media. 3) Writing a review. I enjoyed a lot and learned so many things. I recommend this course for new coming members in P-SEA. Thanks to P-SEA.


by Mamoona Sattar
I consider this workshop extraordinary because it is not merely a workshop but actually a platform to build positivity and humanity in society. It is more than guiding someone or motivating someone for online ways to earn money. I wish all this optimistic approach may prevail among Pakistani community and we prosper well. Thanks

I am teachable course

by Khalida perveen Empty
I m khalida perveen from Bahawalpur Pakistan .i finished my i m teachable course this course is very helpful for me I have learned from this course how to make a professional facebook account how to make professional tweeter and LinkedIn profile also i learned about grammarlly don't forget your password and pCloud . in this course I learned how to right a good review also I learned about online marketing. I m very thankful to Mr siddique Mr Jason Gilbert and whole team of p sea academy.

Awesome opportunity for all unemploye

by Shafaqat Ali
Thanks to Al-Sharif foundation and his platinum sponsors. I am learning lots of things in this videos and very useful tips from honorable guests never give up and especially helping needy peoples and remove poverty in the world. Just i want to say Al-Sharif Foundation is top one Pakistani social media sponsorship God blessed Al-Sharif FoundationWith best regards! Muhammad Shafaqat

Yes !! I'm teachable

by Abdullah Tufail
I was a great source of learning. From this course, I learnt numerous ideas.

Amazing, giving Efforts

by Abdul Saalm
Its really great to be new proud member of PSEA. I would like to congratulate all proud members on this brilliant social task. Simply Amazing!!!

by raafiq chaudhary
First of all, I want to thanks all of you. You are running a very cooperative institution. Where the people who can not pay the fees, can learn easily. From here i got this I'M Teachable course very impressive. I learn many things from here. And also want to learn more.

Outstanding Effort!!

by Muhammad Nazakat
Hi Friends, I am Muhammad Nazakat, Solutions Architect and motivational Speaker working with a System Integrator. I have attended this course and learnt many things even from IT field and already knows many of things which are well described in this course. I strongly recommend this course for beginners and non-IT professionals who want to do something online. Best part was testimonial case studies in this course which I liked the most. === REPLY from Al-Sharif Foundation ==== THANK YOU for your kind review and very valuable suggestions. We will review with our team to incorporate that appropriately where possible. Stay blessed. I also want to give some suggestions to improve more.. -Improve audio and video quality -introduction and summary at the end for each part -some questions should be there at the end of each part Regards, Muhammad Nazakat -

good to learn this course

by Sahibzada Ajmal Khan
honestly after watching I'm teachable course now i am energized and motivated to make something in real especially by Alex mandossian who is truly mindset master. now i am fully sure that i can be one of the top sellers of Fiverr INSHALLAH. thanks a lot, Mr. Siddique for providing us the great platform to learn freelancing and the big thing is that it is free may. whenever i make myself successful in this platform i will definitely help al-Shareef foundation.

Benefits of teachable course

by Nasarullah ,
My name is Nasarullah from Rahim yar khan Pakistan I am Bs zoology student first of all I teach to make professional social media accounts it is proud for me that I gain a lot of knowledge from teachable course it is most perfect course to work online and earn a lot of money

Brand yourself & connect with legends

by SAJJAD Hussain
I'm teachable is a course which teaches me how I can brand myself. How I look professional on social media. Trough this course I learned how to create a unique identity for myself. This course connects me with legends and gave me the opportunity to learn from their experiences and also provide me the answers to my question how I can help others without investing a single penny. This course opened the window of my brain and gave the directions to think differently and gave me the cause to help others.

Amazing character building course

by Ali Muhammad
My name is Ali Muhammad from Karachi, Pakistan. I am studying pre-engineering 2nd year from D.J Science College. This course is truly character building course for those who don't know how to look professional at first impression. I would highly recommend this course to others

Fun to Learn

by Mudassar Ali
"I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course. I was pushed out of my comfort zone. It gave sound advice and was very easygoing and approachable. "I'M Teachable" offer a great way to learn more about writing for a particular audience; The tutors/Trainers are friendly and have the knowledge to guide you forward. The whole system has been superbly designed and works extremely well;"

Great Learning Experience

by Salman Aslam
I am Salman Aslam, I am from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I am an IT engineer. Through this course, I learn how to represent yourself professionally on social media, the effective way of writing, the power of words and the importance of mentors in our life. Overall Awesome course to take and I will recommend this course to all my friends.

I am Teachable

by Asif Mehmood
I am software engineering student of BSSE and very surprised to know all of the knowledge given in this course. It is really helpful no one is teaching in this way. I am so glad to be a part of this course and feeling proud. Thank you so much Sir Muhammad Siddique and your team.


by Kiran Rasheed None
Hi , This is Kiran Rasheed from the United Arab Emirates. I Am Masters in computer sciences And a graphic designer. In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy. I really appreciate the time you have spent with planning and making this successful for the other people. It will make all the difference when it comes time to begin the actual move. It takes dedication, and insight into the whole process, to contribute to so many aspects of a life. you have tried you best to deliver all you efforts through this session so in my point of view, this will be surely 5 stars deserving. With best Regards


by Waqas Udin
That's very great and new for me and I'm thankful of my friend whom invite me at this short but beneficial course.

A Successful Enterpreneur

by Sandeep Kumar
i am feeling glad to be part of Pakistan Social Entrepreneurship Academy. This academy given me path to becomes a successful human person.

Communication Success

by Najeeb Asghar
it was amazing experience to grow through this course of im teach able learnt most important pillars of businees communication , essentials ways of doing business , how to open block roads , believe in self and lot more . hearlty thanks to founder for providing such a valueable information for free may ALLAH success him and his team in their mission .

Thanks Pakistan Social Entrepreneur Academy

by Muhammad Yasir Hanif
My name is Muhammad Yasir Hanif. I belong to Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan. I am Technician in a govt department and I wants to be an entrepreneur. At this time, I completed My I'M Teachable Course. My respectable sir Muhammad Siddique Taught to me Like a Pg Class Child in this Course. I learned, How to set the professional Profiles and English language writing and listening to this course.I learned many encouraging rules of life and profession in this course. I got an opportunity of meet World's Best Trainers and Professionals in this Course. During in course I fell, I am very lucky that I am getting this training program. I fell Sir Muhammad Siddique My Chum. Sir Muhammad Siddique Your are a Great Person and Allah bless you. My goal is that I shell become a successful entrepreneur and want to be a Finisher. that's why I shell remain regularity in my effort and routine. I shell and I recommend to P SEA students must finish and successful this Sir Muhammad Siddique's Efforts,Aim and Program. Thanks, Sir Muhammad Siddique, Jason Gilbert, Alex, Tcat and whole P SEA team that You Planed effective glorious Entrepreneurship Program for Pakistan's unemployed and needle people.Thanks a lot, All of You.

Raheela Butt

by Raheela Butt
Dear Sir Muhammad Siddique, Firstly I am really feeling grateful for being given a chance to learn and make it beneficial not only for myself but also for others as well. Secondly, the videos you have uploaded are really very beneficial and to the point, which make the teachable context more effective. The way you have explained all the details it's praiseworthy. Thanks Regards

i learn a lot

by Abdul Waris
Your Operoseness is Very good about how working online But he did very well how to turn website if videos by setting the lesson once.and a person watching the video and then gave answers of the questions for exercise and after this aloud anther one.

Best Learning Online Tutorial

by Shahbaz Younas
I was on the web from almost more than 8 years but didn't find such dedicated team like yours. I want to appreciate the efforts of Al-Sharif Foundation and their aim to give free scholarships. The tutorial is very unique and very informative it not only boost self confidence but also give us an avenue to earn our halal livelihood sitting at home. I must salute Muhammad Siddique the way he indulge us in the course its commendable. At last thank you for thinking about Pakistan and making it stronger, greater & biggest.


by Anas Shafique
I am Teachable is wonderfull training for beginers keep it up

This course is the best class I have ever taken in my entire life.

by M Shahhure Khan
My Name is M Shahhure Khan. I'm from Karachi, Pakistan. I'm a 1st year Student studying Software Engineering. My biggest challenge before I'm Teachable Course was how to Represent Myself professionally on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn etc. The top 3 things I learned from this course are the following. No 1. Integrity. No 2. Three Questions from Angry Clients in Customer Service Call. -What Happened? -What Should have happened? -How can I make it Right? No 3. Praise Publicly Criticize Privately.

Awesome Course

by Hafiz Muhammad Hannan Makki
I am Hafiz Muhammad Hannan .Every video gives me lots of information Knowledge .before this i have not this kind of knowledge which I learned in this course.Superb Course.It was extremely useful and a necessity for me ,and will be for my friends.I received everything which I needed.This was very helpful.It was excellently delivered by Sir Siddique, In sha Allah, My First 100 $ will be for the al-sharif foundation.


by Mujtaba Ahmed Hassan
very informative lessons increase knowledge give new awareness about entrepreneurship

I have Learned alot

by Hyder Khan ,
After attending this course I came to know that How I should be professionally looked and what attitudes should be in me as a professional entrepreneur. Before starting this course I was in the search of trainer or a mentor and I found Mr Siddiq a good trainer as well as good mentor.

Muhammad Sharjeel Saleem

by Muhammad Sharjeel Saleem
That is a great effort. You remind me a lot of things which i have been forgotten since long. This is a awesome program. I am a starter, so lets see where it goes. well one thing i want to say to you Mr Siddique, that you might have to improve your expressions. In my point of view, you are weak at it. That is all, i want to say right now. Thanks

Good course

by Asif Nadeem Empty
i have learned im teachable course with my all concentrations and completed this course satisfactorily

One of the best online course

by Tariq Muhammad
Al-humdulillah, I have leant many online courses through Virtual University and e-University and it is one of the best online course, I have ever learnt. My learning outcomes are as follows: 1- How to brand myself on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter 2- How to achieve my goals by going out of my comfort zone and prioritising things 3- Giving positive feedback which motivates not only the receiver but the reader also Mr. Muhammad Siddique, sir you, your Organisation P-SEA, and Al-Sharif Foundation are creating a good image of Pakistan in the world and doing the best for Pakistan I will recommend this course to my friends who are struggling to achieve their life goals

Very Informative and Helpful to Achieve Goals

by Muhammad Naveed Ishaq
This Course Increased my knowledge and Intrest of doing something in life independently.

I'M Teachable

by Arsalan Nawaz Khan
I glad to be the part of this social media learn and earn program to help other people. I learn from I'M Teachable (Keep Passions, Understand the needs, come out with the solutions). one day i will also be the part of the tutorial videos and proud my family for this achievement. This course is very helpful and I recommend other friend and family to join us, Be a part of the family whom is willing to help you to help each other.

How to show you as professional.

by Anum Ashraf
Aslam-o-Alaikum! My name is Anum Ashraf. I have completed I'M Teachable online course. It is a very comprehensive course. It gives me the inspiration to work for others. I am very thankful to Sir Muhammad Siddique and Jason Gilbert. With best regards, Anum Ashraf

Too much learning from this course.

by Muhammad Usman
Aslamo Alaikum . My name is Muhammad Usman. I am from Multan, Pakistan. I am an M.phil scholar course work done now working on the thesis at NCBA&E Multan Campus. I have done "I am teachable" course which is very informative for me it covers many things which I don't think that matters but it matters. I learn how to represent yourself professionally on different social medias on the internet. The mentor Mr. Muhammad Sidique and his mentors really motivate me to and burn the fire in me that I can also earn through the internet like others doing it for a long time. I want to ask others to join this if I can learn this why not you also come and join me as Mr. Muhammad Sidique said: "Sharing is Caring". Thanks a lot, May ALLAH bless you for what you are doing.

by Sahreen khan ,
My name is sahreen and i am from lahore.M student of medicine.i'm teachable is just awsome and very helpful to understand each and eveything about psea

Watched P-SEA im teachable course

by Waseem Laghari
I am Waseem Laghari from Hyderabad Pakistan i am Web Developer, sir i appreciate you from the depths of the heart, i really learned alot of things from this course. I am very happy and excited for your this mission. Love you alot...

A very compalsary thing that every student wants

by bilal fazal
assalam_o_alaikum....!!!My Name is Bilal fazal and i am from rahim yar khan(punjab).A Few months ago i passed the Diploma of Associate engineering in electrical technology.Then i Go to isamabad for construction project of US Embassy islamabad. I completed this project and i am seeking for a new job now. i see this P-SEA project on the facebook.I am very Glad to watch these efforts.Now i completed this "I am teachable" course and this was most beneficial duration of my life. The Most important thing that i learn from this course is How to Speak.Because this is a very important thing for our career and also for our social life too. then the most important thing that i learn from this course how to write Reviews.Because this is very Helpful not only for this Fiber also helpfull for our CV builiding and other reviews for our field work . i am very thankfull to you.The sugesstion that i want to tell is that the your procedure is so long so many student feel that this is a fake thing so therefore they disard and leave this course uncompleted === REPLY BY AL-SHARIF FOUNDATION ===== We want the students who believe in hard work and finish the course. YES life is not that easy. Chance of success is very low for those who complain about the length of this course as getting work from the online clients is NOT easy either. We can teach those who are willing to do their part. We are here to attract quality students like yourself who will FOLLOW the instructions. Always remembering: Doing is the BEST part of learning. Stay blessed.

Good course

by Syed Kashif
I'M Teachable is a good course specially for a student because it inspires that everything in the world is got with hard work.Because hard work is the key to success..

online business

by Tariq Malik Empty
I'm Muhammad Tariq from Alipur ,punjab pakistan. I'm student of bs accounting & finance in bahauddin zakariya university multan. Before this , I'was doing traditional business . Now I want to do e business . I'will try my best, I will to work hard and effective . I 'm interested to complete my tasks.

Brainstorming Course " I'M Teachable

by Haris Arif
I am a Financial Expert with more than 5 Years of Professional Experience and I have just finished I'M Teachable Course and it was mindblowing. I have learned a lot of things especially how to be a Professional on social media previously I was very conservative for my facebook profile but after going through the course I have changed my all social profiles and made them public using the techniques mention in the course. I would defiantly recommend this course to all my colleagues and Especially my younger brothers to go through so they can develop their skills while doing their studies. I am looking forward to becoming successful Entrepreneur . Thanks, Mr.Muhammad Siddquie to provide us with a such an amazing platform.

Really Teachable

by Shaikh Islam
1. The Course is very good for learners of all stages. 2. It is very much helpful to a novice. 3. Very nice and practicable. 4. I find it much better and easy to follow. 5. Videos and examples in the lectures make it as I am present in the class. 6. Every set of the course is in sight so no one can say out of sight out of mind. 7. Found the course very nice.

Teachable was really teachable

by Raziq Ullah
It is motivational and helpful


by Amna shafqat Empty
This course inspires me so much.Now I'm gonna do my best to be teachable.

Ray of Hope

by Rozina Naz
It's really a great helpful for those who has lost their hope in critical situation of jobs and earning in Pakistan. I appreciate all the supporting members and specially Sir Muhammad Siddique who is leading the youth for their future and has created such type of platform of earning and motivating the members. I wanted to earn online money but didn't know how to. I have just read course "I am Teachable" and learned that "I CAN DO". This course has created my confidence of earning and made me strong.

Thanks for the motivational lectures.

by Tanzeel zafar ,
This era which I think will be known as the business era because now a day's everyone wants to do business the rate of business studies is increasing day by day. My educational background is also business almost in every subject we learn about the importance and advantages of motivation it's important in teamwork, pressure handling, problem-solving, achieving goals and targets but in practical field. I feel the lack of motivational platforms and personalities who put a new energy in you when you are near to quit. I found this whole concept very interesting, informative and motivational which our youngsters need a lot. keep going on "Mr. Saddique" with the energy as u are going right now.

Amazing and informative

by Umar Rahim
This course is supper for beginners like me interested in online work and positive use of internet and social media resources. The step by step instructions and vadios make me able to learn a lot about public and professional dealing. Also appreciate the loyalty of the administer for the nation.

Great Course

by Sartaj Ali
My name is Sartaj Ali, I am from Naushahro Feroze Sindh Pakistan. I am student of BS Computer Science 3rd year 5th semester at IBA Sukkur Sindh Pakistan. Before this course i was totally unable to handle angry customer, but now after this precious course i am able to handle. i have learned how to represent yourself on social media and its impacts, after this course come to know two most important day of career, how companies higher employees, the great quote "Give back" to improve our social life, praise publicly criticize privately and so many countless career tip. I highly recommend all student to take this course its not only for those who want to become an entrepreneur but for all students and learn's who want learn.

Should do "I'M Teachable" course to break the chains

by Nadeem Ahmad
I am Nadeem Ahmad from Sangla Hill, Punjab Pakistan. I am a talent acquisition and technical recruitment lead, currently doing a job in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I was facing a lot of challenges and barriers in starting my own business before I came to know about P-Sea. After attending I'M Teachable course, I have learned how to break the chains and finish your goal successfully not only in your professional life but in social life as well. The Mentors of this course has given me a lot to learn. I learned how to be a good entrepreneur from Mr. Jason Gilbert, how to be a good finisher from Mr. Muhammad Siddique and how to be a good marketer, presenter, and communicator from Mr. Alex Mandossian. Even though I did not get the chance to win the scholarship, this course has given me a lot and I am confident that I can not only start my own business but also help others in becoming a good entrepreneur. I pray to Allah Almighty, prosperity, and growth of P-Sea team on starting this brilliant project. I humbly request people from all professions and ages to attend this course.


by Muhammad Usama
Absolutely Fabulous , i have learned from all of these teacher many things and i would like to share some of them with you, I am teachable course really helped me to improve my communicational skills , as(introducing myself, social accounts management, phone calls management). Also, I believe that the fabulous things that i have learned from this course will be proven to the key to success in my entrepreneurial life Because it includes every aspect of success or failure in any kind of business.It is a guarantee that anyone will be able to believe like me! I am just so thankful to My teachers(Sir Muhammad Siddique, Sir Jason Gilbert, Sir Alex Mandossian, Sir Tcat Houser, and their team ) for teaching me in a very good manner.For making it easy for me to get access and make a good business relationship with anyone in the world. I am feeling lucky to get that training and i recommend every one of my friends and fellows to get that training to be a successful businessman.

Feeling Change inside me

by Rizwan Khan
I am Rizwan Khan from Bahawalpur Pakistan. I m doing a job as a finance officer in an organization working in social sector i.e. on education majorly in Pakistan. After attending this I am the teachable course the one thing I overcome that was the challenge for me was determination or finisher. I was not a good finisher but now finally I have completed this course and feeling really motivated for my next Fiverr success course. I will follow the things I have learned from this course and moreover I promise myself that I will watch this I am teachable course again and again until I develop all the things learned in it in myself. In Sha Allah.

amazing course

by adil taj
really i liked this course very much , i feel some thing change in me , grammar help me to improve my English much better i have to know from experts how can i solve the problems , greats introduces of best sealing person around the global , excellent ideas and improve skill more clear , i never garret any thing without hard work !

Best learning course

by Muhammad Junaid
very good learning course end of the course i know about p-ESA thnaks


by usama Nadeem
This course is very useful for those who want to earn money online. I also learn many things but few thing I did not understand. now after learning this course I am confident to start online work...

An amazing and thoughtful initiative

by Neeraj Siddiq
My name is Neeraj John and I am from Islamabad, Pakistan. I would call myself a social worker since i have been working in this field from the past 10 years. The reason, Pakistan Social Entrepreneurship Program caught my attention was my need to make some earning. I lost my job last year and since then it has been a struggle to find another one. Tried some business idea on a very small scale but it did not go very well. So the word 'Entrepreneur' was the most attractive word for me in this program and, that made me explore it further. Initially, I was not sure about the authenticity of this initiative but when I started 'I m teachable' course, It answered a lot of my doubts and questions. Secondly, the most captivating thing that kept me connected throughout the course was Inspirational and motivational videos by the speakers in Bonus section of the workshop. Not only words of motivation but the facts, provable and practical content helped me establishing my trust in the program along with learning. Third, I would say except LinkedIn, I have never thought using my personal Facebook and Twitter for account professional purpose. So, this workshop changed my that perspective. Concluding, I would like to say that design of this workshop and program has inspired me. It has been designed considering the very basic needs of those targeted but diverse 1 million online users who are supposed to be the part of this program and would be benefitting from it at the end. I really appreciate the way, Sir. Muhammad Siddique interacts with the students online and guides them on each level. Lastly, I believe it is an amazing and a very creative initiative to reach the people with a wide range of computer skills (from very minimum to professional), as well as to convert a leisure activity ( spending time over social media for entertainment) into a very productive and healthy activity. It is a type of project that reaches it's most and real deserving community. I would definitely recommend this course to those people in my network who I feel can benefit from it.

I'M Teachable course change my life how?

by Zulfiqar ali soomro
Asalamoalaikum friends my name is Zulfiqar Ali,I'm from Pakistan's southern province's little city "PANOAQIL"which is near SUKKUR. I'm teachable course is very helpful because before this course I don't know other social networks like LinkedIn, twitter, instagram etc. I learned in this course #How to create profile's, #How to costomise profile's, #How to communicat with costumer's,college's and family. I learned lots more.thanks Sir #Muhammad Siddique #Jason Gilbert #Alex Mendozion #Tcat Houser #Alsharif Foundation. & #All who don't mentioned which contributed such a platform for Pakistanis students.

awesome knowledge for US foreign

by Muhammad wahab raza None
sir this is great full knowledge full videos course called teachabel course ur great entrepreneurship sir plz u speak very much english in this is just pakistn so plz try to speak more then urdu great sir keep it up best of luck me and for u ameen

Best investment on my self

by Shahzad Saleem
The I'M Teachable course has been one of the best investments in the form of time I have ever made in myself. I have grown extremely over the past two weeks, both personally and professionally, which I attribute to the experiences I have had in the course. Not only have I learned new skills to become a better social entrepreneur, the program has helped to reaffirm my commitment to the values of the profession. During the course, I have experienced practically to appreciate at least three people and that works my fellow's karma gets back literally. :) In the end, I would like to introduce myself, I am an IT graduate done my BS(IT) in 2005 since then I have been working on different positions from a technical support associate to assistant IT Manager in an MNC. I was looking for an opportunity to work from home to increase my earnings, but I was reluctant because I have no idea where to start, how to get links and how to get orders online, thanks to P-SEA they made it easy like a piece of cake. Thank you. All stars.

Quite practical and informative

by adeel haneef
i have found I m Teachable course quite practically oriented and informative. i have got motivation to learn more about the courses and to get right skills to become more independent. i hope so i can learn more from the world prestigious mentors. i really appreciate for this brilliant step. keep the sports high up to the sky.:)

I feel some thing change

by Muhammad imran
I am Muhammad Imran from Peshawar Pakistan.I reach this course from Ashraf Choudhary page.I am internet user from last 13 years but after completing this course the first time my thoughts converges towards the professional presentation of myself for my online and offline business.and how to be effective in business. I don't use the word happy why because here we observe that online earning is fraud or in some cases yes but not so attractive. I will be very happy and put forward when I completely understand all the earning story is true and really one can earn a reasonable amount. During this course, some question comes in my mind I post one P SEA page but haven't got any answer. fortunately, my question was solved my some giving attention. among the trainer Muhammad Siddique and Alex was very impressive and understandable to explain the things.


by Waqar Mahmood
The initiative taken by Muhammad Siddique is remarkable and full of basics learning of Professionalism. the main features are, they are for free, not monotone and full of learning.

The Best Account

by Ali Asif
I am Ali Asif Saffi from Chakwal and presently working in a printing agency at Karachi. In my view whatever i learned from this is Giving Account , the role and importance of such account in the era of earning and saving either right or wrong way, selfishness and so many others...

attention please

by muneeb siddiqui
I'm teachable form Al-Sharif foundation is a registered our government Al-Sharif offering some online courses is fee is very big but scholarship opportunity is best. But we are promise with Al-Sharif foundation $100 donation my first payment best of luck friends

Great Course

by Abdul Qadoos Sagar Butt
I am Abdul Qadoos Sagar Butt from Gujranwala,Pakistan. I am a student of BS(Information Technology) as well as doing Logo Designing at Fiverr. Before taking this course, I was totally unaware of the facts on how to represent myself as a professional on social media. I have learned many great things from this course. Now, I am able to represent myself as a professional on social media. I am able to talk in a professional way. I am able to get influential promote free of cost. This is a priceless course and is free of cost. Thank you Muhammad Siddique Sir for giving me a chance to learn from you .

Learn how to be a good professional!!!

by Adnan Sohail
I am Adnan Sohail from Lahore, Pakistan. I am Software Engineer having expertise in Mobile Development (iOS/Android). Before taking this course, I was facing following challenges which I want to overcome: 1- Fear of failure 2- Lack of motivation and confidence 3- Branding yourself in a very professional way 4- To break the lock of mind 5- To be focus to achieve your goals Now after taking this course, I feel such a change in myself and in my thoughts that I can overcome these challenges by following step by step guidance of master trainers and very professional people, who can guide you to a right and successful path and can make start easy for you. I have learned especially following things in this thought provoking course: 1- How to look professional and connected 2- Get rid of negative thoughts and stay focused 3- Achieve your goals whatever it will take to accomplish them 4- Get around successful people and learn from their ups and downs 5- Get motivated and encouraged that "I can do it" And at last "Sharing is caring". If you want to be successful and want to be professional in your life with skills either you have or you have to learn, then you mush have to join this course, this great organization who are on the mission to empower you. Please take a ride with them and enjoy the successful life. Stay blessed.

The best path for success foundation

by Ali Shafqat
Hi, I am Ali Shafqat from Norway. I am a master student in project management at Norwegian university of science & technology with the background in mechatronics engineering. My biggest challenge in life was the lack of professionalism and clarity about my goals. I found this course as God's blessing that I was taught by the best mentors of the world. I will highly recommend this course to people who don't believe in themselves with the lack of motivation. I pay high tribute to Mr. Muhammad Siddiuqe and his team for this noble cause. Now it's your turn to make it happen.

share your knowledge

by Waheeduddin James
The world is filled with opportunities for you to share your knowledge, regardless of where that knowledge comes from. Video lectures are all supported through the Pakistani social entrepreneurship academy platform. Such a great guideline for the people who are at the starting point. Create a professional profile Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter and you can engage with your customers. Regard’s Waheeduddin James

Free But Priceless

by Usama Khan
I am Usama Khan from Abbottabad. I have completed my Intermediate In Computer Science this year from Army Public School And College Shinkiari under the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Abbottabad. From a few previous months i was searching for online earning because i wanted to help my parents financially by doing my studies expenses myself but i didn't found anything useful. Then one day i saw video of pakistani social entrepreneurship academy inviting for free course to learn how to earn money. I have completed i am teachable course and found it very useful. I have learnt many things from it. Some of which are as follows: *How to present myself professionally. *To delete " I can't " from my dictionary. *To appreciate anyone's success open-heartedly. *To also add balance in the GIVING ACCOUNT. *To do my tasks with hardwork, honesty and to not leave anything un-finished. I haven't yet started the Fiverr success course but i hope it will also be a precious one like this. According to my opinion this course is helpful for professionals as well as it have many things which are necessary to be applied in our daily life like the rules of "Giving Back" And "Praising Publically & Criticising Privately".

Al-Sharif Foundation I'M Teachable Course

by Muhammad Naveed Empty
I'M Teachable Course is best for every Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin user . Most users do not know How to complete Our Profile. I was not know how to complete our Profile Mostly people not know how to complete profile. All course is best My Hundred of mistakes and hundred of question solved through I'M Teachable course. I am very Thankful.

It is so amazing I'M Teachable course for every one.

by Muhammad Abu Baker Qasmi
My Name: Muhammad Abu Baker Qasmi. I belong to: Hafizabad ,Punjab, Pakistan. I am a student of BScs in Virtual Universty of Pakistan and I now joined Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy. Before joined this course I am confused about my skill. When I watch the video of Sir Muhammad Siddique first time on the page of Sir Ashraf Chaudhry so then I introduce to Pakistan and I now joined Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy. This experience for me is so helpful. I learned many things in this course in these things I want to discuss someone. 1. How to Present them self on the Social Media. 2. How to work online. 3. It's changed my thinking method something else. This mission of Sir Muhammad Siddique in not only sir this mission is my and my all friends. I request to my all friends and anyone please joined this and learn more and more. I want to say Especially thanks to Sir Muhammad Siddique and his team for this effort.

by Muhammad Aleem Tahir
I am Muhammed Aleem Tahir from Toba Tek Singh.I am a final year student of BS Electrical Engineering at HITEC University Taxila cant. I had learned a lot from I'm Teachable Course such as the use of Grammarly, Presenting myself on social media, file sharing using pCloud and the best thing I had learned is to stick to your aim for its fullness. I am thankful to both Muhammed Siddique and Al-Sharif Foundation for providing this platform to Pakistani youth for their success in professional life.

My dream came true. Unbeliveable!!!

by Laeeq-ur-Rehman HERL
Since my young age i was looking for a confirm way of making money online, as part of quest for divercification. Few days back a cousion of mine shared PSEA link on facebook; without wasting a moment i followed and enrolled myself. Enrolled free to stay safe! Now that i have really learned many usefull marketing tools, i have asked my son personally to enroll and make sure to learn from you. Thank you for thinking of Pakistan. You are pride of Pakistan.

Excellent opportunity at an Excellent Platform

by Muhammad Umar Khalid
I am Umar Khalid from Lahore Pakistan. I have completed my Graduation in Engineering from a reputable institute. Currently, i am engaged with an Engineering firm as a Junior Engineer. I have been thinking since long to excel my earnings by positively utilizing my free time, to fully meet my family requirements. I found this workshop quite helpful and i strongly believe that, this will be a great platform to fulfill my dreams under supervision of reputable and highly qualified trainers. I also believe that, my positive attitude will help me in learning skills and becoming a successful entrepreneur. At the same time, i would highly recommend the youth of Pakistan to participate in this workshop. At the end, i would like to appreciate the efforts of Management for this comprehensive workshop. I would also suggest to improve the audio quality and include subtitle options in some videos (while in discussion with "Tcat Houser").

Making Social Media Really work for you

by Shumailla Noureen
Assalam o alaikum I am Shumailla from Lahore, Pakistan and I am a housewife (an MBA Marketing with 6+ years of professional Experience). I was stuck up after having a baby and could not go out for job and I had started thinking my professional career is gone. Then my husband came up with the idea of online jobs and all but I tried and tried too many tools and nothing worked for me and then finally again my husband sent me a video of P-SEA and it was a life saver for me offering free trainings as well as promising 100% confirmed sales on Fiverr.com What else could one deam of in todays world. I am glad that I could register and get scholarship for this course as previously I was late to join. I am really thankful to Mr. Siddique.

About I am Teachable

by Muhammad Imran Munir Sajid
hello, i am imran from Lahore, My experience about I'M Teachable is very good. I learn lots of things in this course. sir Siddique teaches very will. I use facebook since a long time but I can not use in depth. The teaching method is very good, and all people are teaching their very professional. Your goal is very good and Allah helps you and your team. Ameen. Muhammad Imran Munir

I'm teachable

by Arham Umrani
it is a very nice course as it creates an understanding that why should we be an entrepreneur . I am glad to be a part of PSEA and i am looking for much more information to be digested in.


by Mudassir Iqbal
I must say that it is a very good initiative by Al-Sharif Foundation. This course does not only opens a world of opportunities in front of us but also train us on how to tap the market successfully. In addition to Mr. Siddique, I would like to thank Mr. Houser, Mr. Jason, and Mr. Mandossian for their inputs and knowledge sharing. Although I can list many things that I learned from the course but if I were to select top 3 takeaways; 1. Customer Handling by Mr. Mandossian 2. 3M of Marketing by Mr. Mandossian 3. The Bigger the WHY, the easier the HOW Thank you again for providing us with this opportunity. Regards Mudassir Iqbal Senior Project /Program Manager (Information Solutions)

I am Teachable

by Muhammad Mubbashir Empty
Before this course, my social media profiles are not same with each other after this they are same. P-SEA is a great platform for Pakistani to learn and earn online, although I can earn online or not from P-SEA but I learn a lot.

Pakistani nation inter in new advance world market

by Suhail Memon
Respectfully, before i start Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy course .I am so much question and doubt about this but after briefly watching lecture videos and i learn a lot this a remarkable opportunity for a specially educated student in Pakistan they have financial problem and most of because of the financial problem they have no choice to quit their studies this helpful for those students. its great chance or idea for those educated girls those want to better financial health for their family but due to other issues they have not go to outside for work and they can do and earn the respectable financial reward. i learn a lot of this course i also have want to better my personal financial health through this course i have an idea how i can earn money through online bu learn all thing it's ongoing. in the last i pray for the owner and donator of Al-sharif foundation and M.siddique may ALLAh bless him. in last my wishes and inshallah dream come true know i need the scholarship and support and i hope soon i am one of for those persons those are given sponsor to others.INSAHALLAH AMEEN

comprehensive training tool

by Saif Ullah Bhatti
comprehensive training tool designed to help us master key content areas. Because the course is interactive, actively involved in the learning process.


by Syed Ejaz Ahmad Empty
indeed, learnt so many things from which i never learnt before, especially my top interest would be the 3M of marketing. hope to learn more things from You in coming days

P-SEA Grammar Video

by nazia ali
In Pakistan, most of the people do mistake in grammar & spelling.This video would be helpful for those.

great service

by Arooj malik
It is logically designed and also the quiz part is best one.

Another step towards online earning after so many failures, However almost assured that this one will be the Right one.

by Ehtisham Muneer Awan
I am Ehtisham Muneer from Gujranwala (Pakistan). Serving as Assistant Director/Junior Research officer at Hydraulic Research Station Nandipur, a laboratory of Irrigation Research Institute (Lahore). Before joining P-SEA page on Facebook I searched and worked a lot to find a reliable way to earn online but in vain, resulting loss of money, wastage of time and lack of trust in making money online. However, P.SEA forum urged me to try again. The most inspiring and astonishing feature of “ I am teachable “ course is the dedication of the whole P-SEA team to motivate students across the country to trust and join a really superb project, which of course will be a self-sponsored project after each passing day. The revealed secret of respectable Mr. Muhammad Siddique, that if you want to grow and prosper in a field let’s gather a bunch of successful people in that field around you, is amazing for everyone who wants to be on the top in any discipline. Moreover explanation on 3M of marketing by respectable Mr. Alex Mandossian was just amazing. While the most sticky note of this course was by Mr. Alex Mandossian, which I must say isn’t only for a marketer or a businessman rather it’s for every individual, that how to control any angry fellow. It’s really a valuable tactic to lead a smart life. Here I commit by heart that keeping earning aside this course is recommendable for each practical person for some moral earnings as well.

I have thirst of learning.

by Naveed Iqbal Empty
i have thirst of learning new and new.

Impressive Stuff

by Muhammad Awais Afzal
I'm Muhammad Awais Afzal from Karachi, Pakistan and while going through news feed in Facebook I found out P-SEA. I didn't know about online earning though I had heard about it, I got interested to know that how it actually worked and after going through the basic tutorial I have the basic knowledge about it. The videos by different professionals which are included are also very impressive and helpful for new entrepreneurs. Really impressed from Mr. Siddique the way he is helping people through his social entrepreneurship program.


by Muhammad Rizwan
I'm Muhammad Rizwan from Kasur Pakistan.And by profession I'm GIS engineer ,nowadays I'm working in Saudi Arabia,I learned so many things from this course, this is awesome.Before this, I never believed in online work but know I know I can earn money from online work.

Confidence booster

by Hasham Mansoor Empty
Hi, My name is Hasham Mansoor and I am Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. I am an accountant and a bookkeeper. I have learned many things from I'M Teachable course. It's very useful for me to learn about marketing strategies and about priorities of your goals. The best thing about this course is that it builds my personality. Mr Siddique is my mentor and I want to learn many things from him. I am thankful to Mr Siddique and his team.

Potential learning outcome of I'M Teachable course

by Muhammad Yasir
I am Muhammad Yasir from Lahor, Punjab, Pakistan. By profession, I am research and development engineer in chemical field backed by Polymer engineering degree from National Textile University, Faisalabad. Before learning this course my challange was to learn that how make online earnings. During this course I learned that how to present myself professionally, basic marketing skills and necessary tools for online earnings. I would like to highly recommend this course to everyone, who wants to supplement his/her income or wants to become an entrepreneur.

Good Effort

by Arif Javed
It's a very good effort from P-SEA. Its helpful for the students and jobless people to start theirs on work. One thing that is necessary for doing an online work to work hard until you achieve your goal.


by Sabir Ali
This course taught about my professional career tips to be on social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. before this, i was having many mistakes in my profiles as incomplete and very much less information for those who do not know me. it not only instructed above things but the answers of questions from well-known experts are very much useful for me and I would look forward to implementing them in future and will continue my work. on think that I felt was lacking that there were a bit long videos, which often people leave to watch, so that could be the reason that many apply for it but after this issue, they left it. I completed it in continuous 8 hours because I am keen to work but it requires persistence. and I am thankful again for P-SEA.

Time to stand up...

by Abaid Hassan Empty
I believe this is a great effort to bring some of the top trainers at a platform to convince the people who are looking other people with their parachutes opened while still trying to convince themselves to jump. If we relate the life with a flight the people with the parachute opened are the entrepreneurs who crossed the risk phase (jump till the parachute opened) and are now successful. Whereas the other people are still fighting with themselves. I congratulate the whole team and wish them very best of luck.

I'M Teachable Review

by Asmat Ullah
I am Asmatullah from Lahore, Pakistan. I am a Commerce/Business student. Before enrolling to I'M Teachable course I was completely empty-minded that how can I give Professional look to my social media profiles like Fb,Twitter,Linkedin etc. Being a business student it was a great challenge for me. But now I am feeling very well after great learning. It was really outstanding experience for me. The specially I learn here is that how can I give Professional look to my social media profiles. Besides it inspires me a lot to become social entrepreneur and tips about that how somebody will promote you with pride. In short, it's the right place for you to learn something new. You'll consider yourself on the right track after enrolling in that course for Professional learning . Here is your success. I specially thanks to P-SEA team who is doing great job for Pakistani youth. Once again thanks.


by Zahid Elahi
Assalam o Alaikum, Dear & Respected, I have learned much more from this teachable course, this makes me a good communicator, and what I have done little bit mistake in my social id etc. correctly I have done. it's a good teachable course I recommend to everyone who has not been learned. kindly learn it. I am very thankful for Pakistani social entrepreneurship.

My views

by Ahsan M.Jawed
I really like and appreciate to this effort. I learn those things which one I did not know.

Helpful & Inspirational

by Zahid Empty
This course is very inspirational

I'M Teachable-------An awesome Start

by Waqas Ahmed
I am Syed Waqas Ahmed from Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. I am a telecom Engineer. I was in search of seeking online business basics and tactics to enter into the online market but couldn't find helpful material like this. This course is very informative and it seems thet it will help me to move forward in the real spirit towards right direction.The words of world famous mentors and trainers are the real knowledge as I learned about business ethics, interpersonal relationship, attaining positivity of mind and visualizing road map to sucsess. Thank for the team for their wonderful efforts.

Way To Success

by Muhammad Azmat
I'm Muhammad Azmat.I belong from Lahore,Pakistan.I have recently done my BS(Computer Science) degree from UET Lahore.I'm the web developer at fiverr.com. To the depth of my heart, I am thankful to Mr. Muhammad Saddique and Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy for taking such a good steps to teach jobless and confused peoples through their experience and help them to become a social entrepreneur. I have completed my course (I'm Teachable) and I have learned a lot from this course as: 1.How to manage your profile on Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin etc. 2.How to deal with clients. 3.How to hire an employee etc. And most important Integrity. I have recommended this course to many of my friends and request them to join Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy and become social entrepreneurs. I request everyone to help sir Muhammad Siddique and his team to train 1 million entrepreneurs in all over Pakistan.


by sikandar jutt
v good

I'M Teachable- a good course for the bright future

by Samrah Qamar Khan
Through I'M Teachable I have learned a lot of new things that can help me in the growth of my career. And the best thing was that all the information was given by the experienced personnel working in the different countries. I have learned so many new things about how to look professional in the social environment and I think this can also help me a lot in the future. I'M teachable explains difficult things in a very simple manner so that anyone can easily understand it and implement in his/her professional life. I will surely recommend it to those friends want to build their career or are going to start their online business.

100% success

by Ghazanfar Hussain
This Psea is 100% working money generator It will help you.

About Course Story

by Asim Naseer
Feedback about the course is nice. I have no words about it. I suggest my friends to complete this course and then tell what you learn......

Attractive Knowledge seeking

by Hafiz Muhammad Shahid
My name is Hafiz Muhammad Shahid I live in Karachi, Pakistan. I work at Naveena Denim. I study in BS-CS in an institute of Business & Technology. Dear Sir, You are good starting of this 100% P-SEA Scholarship program but your process is very big. Regards Hafiz Muhammad Shahid

Flabbergasted Effort

by Noor ul Huda
My name is Noorulhuda from Peshawar Pakistan. i am really glad to know about this course and special thanks to sir Siddique to make such a great course for initiator like us who doesn't have any guidance to show the right path. i am really happy to be a part of P-SEA. but here is one thing that this course really need a huge patience to complete it because it is a little long course but really beneficial . Thank you very much; sir Siddique and a whole team of P-SEA.

Improve yourself

by Muhammad Empty
Learn and earn.

Waste of time

by Arslan Sajjad
This course is an absolutely waste of time! At the end, of course, they demand $100. That's bullshit. A piece of rubbish. Please do not attend this course. **** Reply from Al-Sharif Foundation ======= We hear you and respect your opinion. We sincerely apologize that your feelings are hurt by attending this course. We ask for your kind FORGIVENESS. A bit clarification on $100. We are registered charity in Pakistan and USA, on the mission to EMPOWER 1 Million social entrepreneurs in Pakistan so they can support themselves and their families. We do NOT demand any money from anyone. We only if can AFFORD, donate $100 to Al-Sharif Foundation otherwise we provide you the scholarship at attending Fiverr Success Course and YOU promise to donate when you earn from the training we provide you. Before you, THOUSANDS of scholarships have been granted, MANY lives have been changed forever as they learned from Fiverr Success Course how to FISH for LIFE. Hope it clarifies a bit. Thank you for kind understanding and best wishes to your future. Stay blessed.


by Fahad Saeed
I learned lot of thongs from your course, many of them were very technical and useful but there were so lengthy videos with can easily bore the viewer i personally lost the interest because of some lengthy videos then suddenly i managed to carry on with them

Achievable Points

by Muhammad ramzan
Mein alshareef foundation or siddique sahib ka bhut mashkoor or mamnoon hon hon ke jin ki itni wazahtan rah numai se merienglish grammer bhut ziada achi hoi ha or facebook, twitter, linkind use karne ka jo best tariqa ha us mein bhut rah numai mili ha

Free But Priceless

by Usama Khan
I am Usama from Abbottabad Pakistan. I have completed my FSc in computer science this year from Army Public School And College Shinkiari under the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Abbottabad. I have been searching for a free online earning method from a few previous months so i can afford my studies expense myself and online work is also somehow related to my subject ( Computer Science ) but i didn't found anything useful, some of them need investment and some of them are just useless and many of them are fraud too. Then i found P-SEA free "I am teachable" and "fiverr" courses. I have just completed i am teachable course and didn't started fiverr course yet. But i am 100% sure that it will also be precious like this one. I have learnt many useful things from this course, some of them are: *how to present myself as a professional. *the key to success. *to try my best to give back what i have gained *And to remove ( I can't ) from my dictionary. According to me this course can help anyone from any profession to learn the basic steps of success and even it have many things that can be useful in daily life, like the principle of criticising privately and praising publically.


by Husnain Muzafer
fast track

For those who wants to learn

by Abid salam khan
when i found the PSea course i was so excited about this program.when i checked it,it was just awesome the course is beautifully and easily design to learn from.I will strongly recommend it for those who wants to learn about online working.Great step by Mr.Siddique to guide people out there to use their skill to earn easily.Five stars from Me.

Excellent job

by Haider Ali
My name's haider ali, I'm from Karachi, Pakistan... I'm an intermediate student regarding to this course i want to appreciate your efforts to give back something to NATION. As I underwent through this course,i learnt many different things which would help me , I've learnt how to talk like a professional and number of other things. I hope this course will help other students to finance their educational as well as other expenditure through online work.. Thank u for being,it's seems like u will bring evolution.

Find this course really informative.

by Faizan Malik
This course is really informative.First make my grammar good also guide me to proper organise the social sites acounts.Great inspiration.


by ahmed saeed
the course should be short and easy.. because of in some areas internet speed are very slow.. hard to watch video.

An effective course for freelancers

by Hammad Ashraf
I really appreciate Mr. Siddique for creating such a course it would really be helpful for us for growing in online business. The main thing that i have learned from this course is that how you introduce yourself in front of other people. So i really like that course and i hope that the next course also helpful to me.

Appreciate Your Work

by Rana Zaid Haris
It was very informative and helpful workshop. This motivated me to work as an entrepreneur . I really appreciate your work.


by Muhammad Ahsan
My name is Muhammad Ahsan, I have the complete teachable workshop and I learn much from this and I have much inspired. Greate work. Thanks

Praising the PSEA

by Nadeem Shafaqat Ali
I am very glad to know about your system of helping the needy peoples so that they can able themselves to earn and live a good life.


by Red Axcel
Great course

No excuses

by Sanan Jerjeez
I leterally learnt much to earn money online and if you want to earn you should have no excuses. Set your priorities and stop saying that i have no money an no time and do what ever it takes to achiea your priorities.

I'M Teachable Course

by nazia altaf
I am Nazia Altaf from Wah Cantt , Pakistan. I have just completed this course. I have learnt so many things from it, especially how to make my profiles professional on social media and work with integrity, I have also learnt some new apps like Grammarly and p-clouds and most of all this course has boosted my confidence. before taking this course , I was applying at different sites for online work but most of them I found fake, so I was thinking everything fakes on the internet but now I think , there are people who are honest and making a sincere effort to help others. I'll be able to earn or not, it depends on my competencies but this course has taught me , how to behave and work as a professional . special thanks to the team of P-SEA for organising such a good course.

Review of I'm teachable course

by Ahmed Arshad Empty
The importance of the words of wisdom in the said course can not be denied and we can answer some of the common questions and overcome some hurdles of getting successful in practical life.

Course for teaching how to get professional

I am Ali Abdullah from Bahawal Nagar, Punjab Pakistan. I have done my BS Compute Science from Islamia University of Bahawalpur. Now I am a social entrepreneur and working on Fiverr. My skills on Fiverr are Web Designing, Web Development & Article writer. Before this course I don't know how can I represent myself as a professional and how can I talk with my clients. I strongly recommended to all of my social circle to learn this course it is value able thanks to teach us ...

I am teachable

by Saad Majeed
This is Saad Majeed from Muzaffarabad AJK student at P-SEA I am teachable course before this, was working in sales and promotions. how to earn on the internet was a big challenge for me but from few days it's become easier because of P-SEA it was like a dream but I am thinking it will become true InshAllah. through this course, the first change becomes in me or the first thing I learn is that how to write an effective review I don know I am writing an effective review or no but I learn, I have learnt Grammarly which is the more amazing and new addition to my knowledge, learnt about pCloued wich makes easier for me to share my file sharing and to save my data in the cloud, other than that have learnt that how to represent yourself in social worlds with good impression one thing I can never forget that I am learning new skills directly from the world's class mentors and trannies I can't imagine. I am thankful to all P-SEA family now I am able to guide my fellows and family that how to a professional and there are many ways to help their families and other or how to become a good earner on internet or how to work on the internet if you have some skill please come here and join this to introduce yourself to the world.


by Muazam Bukhari
Almost basic things about Facebook and any other social sites i know it very well. But few things i learn and what i learn encouraged me that i don't waste my time by watching the all tutorials and the thing about attitude is what make some difference. The thing is that a client, he do not hire me i hire him. And attitude that comes with everyone makes a difference. BTW it was all good and great efforts Mr. Siddique keep it up. Congrats to all your team members.

review i am teachable

by iftikhar khan
Hi my name is iftikhar from swat kp pakistan i have watch all the videos which is very beneficial for every one who wanna get or earn money .

By cohering all capabilities to gain the actual destination is possible only at this plate form.

by Saqlain Iqbal None
"To Traverse the Adherence on parameter of need base criteria then exploring it as self attain and donate" is all my ambition whether is it financially, economically or the criteria of knowledge.

improve knowledge

by Umar Farooq
I just wanted to say that I really learn so much from it and even I am a business student but I never learn it in my university what I have learned here and yes inshallah I will use these skills everywhere what I have learned here I am really thanked full for this.

Right way

by Muhammad Usman
I am teachable course is just awesome. I feel like a professional first time in my life.

Helpfull Program for Student

by Tahir Malik
I learn more in I'M Teachable course.this is a very good website for student which have financially family problem .

Effective and a personality grooming course

by binyameen pervaiz
I am Binyameen Pervaiz from Lahore,Pakistan. I am a Web Developer and doing BSCS. This course teaches us how to be presentable and also teaches us a lot of good things about how to become an entrepreneur. Learned a lot of things from Mr. Siddique and their mentors (Alex Mandossian , Tcat Houser and Jason Gilbert) video conversations and tips. I recommend this course to everyone as this course teaches many things and act as a foundation of how to work in outside world. Special thanks to Mr. Siddique and P sea Academy.


by Adil Babar
My name is Adil Babar, I am from Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. I found this forum very useful for all you must join it.

Effective start for fresh Entreprenuers

by Saad Aleem
This was the best thing I came across after completing my BS Electrical Engineering. I usually used to spend my days by applying to different jobs or internships opportunities and quietly left stranded most of the times. However, these compilations of videos inspired me, groomed me, provided a platform to showcase my skills and improve in my professionally. The way respected Muhammad Siddique elaborated everything it felt like a strong expert support is there with you to move forward and rush towards your goals with full confidence and passion. Thank You for proving me this.


by Ali Asgher
It's all is amazing

First step to Learn

by Ali Empty
I'M teachable course is very informative regarding the person like me, who have no past experience of online working. I take informative knowledge how people belong from different fields use this platform to earn. Very good thing is that the skills persons who have no job they take initiate on this platform and earn to meet their expenses. Even though many of the students can bear the cost of their studies.

About Course

by Muhammad Rashid Khan
I am extremely happy to see such an informative course.

Congratulations P-SEA Team

by khawaja rehmat ali
I am so much inspired by the idea of Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy to teach one million Pakistani's so that they would be able to earn for themselves and for their family. I have learned a lot from I'M Teachable course, for example, I have learned to use Grammarly so it helps me improve my English writing, I also have learned that how I can customize my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile URLs. It also helped me that how I can get attention from other people around the world. Thank you so much for making such a great effort and I congratulate you and your team for providing such a great opportunity.

easior way of online job

by Madiha Rafique
my name is Madiha from Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan. I can learn here about the who we can apply for an online job before I'M Teachable course, I cannot know about te use of social media for an online job. It's really helpful in over professional life. I use this happily.And I recommend my friends use this media and apply here.it's reality not a fake web. thank u

Happily use

by Shahzaib Rafiq
I can learn here about the how we can apply for an online job in social media.Before I am the teachable course.I can not about the use of social media for an online job.I can recommend to my friends to use this media and apply here for a job.It's really helpful to us.

Great course of I'm teachable

by Suhail Empty
The course of I'm teachable was great for my future career and for my personal growth, especially the best professional trainers around the world in this course teaches incredible and I enjoyed a lot of this course. I will share the things which I have learned from this course and encourage others to promote this as well. I am very much motivated after watching these videos that I can also be paid good money for the internet.

its my openen about this course

by rabia andleeb
In this course which I see till at this time , I learn many things but there is a need to listen to it very carefully and intentionally. it is just like our school or college education type which takes our proper intention for success.so I suggest to everyone who is interested to join this academy for learn online work take it serious.

Incredible work

by Abdulwahab Emptywahab
AOA starting with the name of Allah I just want to say that I have no words for this amazing project which is doing by sir Siddique sb and many more other peoples . Its is very very use full project for Pakistani youth who face financial problems. it's absolutely tremendous project and I wish Allah Subhan -u- wataAllah give more and more success.

Well done P-SEA.

by Abdullah Khan Khitran Empty
I have enjoyed so much with p-sea.And I am excited about new course.before this course, i doesn't have any idea to work as a social entrepreneur.And now I have a lot of knowledge. And I have also an advice to write translation on interviews for beginners.

Good Time Spent

by Muhammad Samar Gulzar
I really enjoyed some parts that contain training content of mentors. Some parts (facebook, twitter, linkedIn stuff ) were very very basic but most of the people do not know so this is the place where anyone can learn in a simple way.

Make your killer social media presence with P-SEA I'm teachable course and outperform Your competitor right now!

by Muhammad Imran Empty
Hi, I'm from Karachi,Pakistan.I'm a freelance copywriter and content writer.I came to know through my mentor about P-SEA. Initially, this platform asks you to watch mandatory videos.Before glancing at I'm teachable part,I had a little knowledge about maintaining professional profiles, however I was unaware how we can exploit influential social media platforms particularly Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn having a positioning strategy reflected similarly in all platforms.I'm teachable course focused that approach to professionally manage all platforms including the crucial information mentioned in respective sections to sizzle any client when he visits your profile and maximizes your business. Not only it dealt with social media strategies but also had a bundle of outrageously value-added videos of top-notch trainers around the world.These short but incredibly powerful videos with hands-on experiences of these savvy and renowned gurus which you rarely found, accumulated in a single platform. If anybody wants to make killer social media presence and desire to grab good business and earn huge bucks,just enroll in this course and reap the benefits right now.

Great Work

by Hafiz Muhammad Waseem
That course is very helpful for me, i learn those knowledge through this course which i never learn from any where... Thanks

I am proud to be a student at P-SEA

by Muhammad Umar Farooq
Asalam.o.Alaikum My name is Muhammad Umar Farooq from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. I am a student of I'M Teachable course , I am also doing Graduation from AIOU and Basically I am a Designer and Content Writer, Before this, Online working from Home is a huge challenge for me and I want to become a professional but I don't know how to became a professional finally I find P-SEA and now after complete my Course I learnt Lot's of thing. I am very Thankful to my Teacher's: Mr. Muhammad Siddique Mr. Jason Gilbert Mr.Alex Mandossion Mr. Tcat I leant how to create a professional profile How to present your self in a market Lot's of Business Tips, Online Marketing Tips and most important Role and regulation for a professional lifestyle. I wish that all my friends and that people who join P-SEA please share this training with others because sharing is caring. In my review I'll give you 5 star's because you all deserve this... Thanks to all, Best Regards, Muhammad Umar Farooq

Helpful course

by Usman Safdar Empty
Hey! I am Islamic studies student.This course is very helpful in my English language.I have learned how to comunicate and make diffirent socail accounts.

want to imporve my skills

by aziz ullah
so that is the reasons that i join

Need Urdu Translation All of Videos for Better Understanding.

by Junaid Ali
P-SEA is the best efforts for Pakistani people youth of Pakistan must join this opportunity and grow with market level. P-SEA teach us the best method of business to achieve goals of life. but need to more easy translate English videos interviews to Urdu for better understanding. Thanks & Best Regards,

My amazing expierence

by Sher Baz
Hello everyone, Myself sherbaz and i am from islamabad Pakistan. I am currently studying business management at a reputable university in islamabad. With the help of this course i have learned a lot of new things, some new skills. While Sir siddique have been an amazing mentor and coach. Other trainers are doing an amazing job as well.


by Awais Ali
I thought of that as early as possible Mr Siddique give me a scholarship so that i can start my work as soon as possible because there is no one at my home who pay my college fee my father died.so grant me this scholarship

Great Idea

by Umair Munir

A very good representation as well as teaching by P-SEA

this is an amazing course It teaches me how to work in a better way with other people it also teaches me no matter how are you and from where you belong the only thing is how you pay your customer in a better way now this is amazing I really like this

Very Helpful

by Ikram Ullah
I really enjoy I`m Teachable course. It is very helpful to every one normal and top level persons. It`s very inspiration course and videos. I like so much I`m teachable course. I download every video.Because it`s very helpful videos, I will watch again and again. ***THANK YOU***

Best Course Ever

by Taimoor Zaheer None
Hello! My name is Taimoor Zaheer and today I completed the I'M teachable course and I find this course one of the best course ever, I do 5 to 6 different courses on the internet but this course is different and way more impressive than the others.in most courses available on the internet person with very little experience is your instructor, but in this course I have learned many new things from different great experienced mentors like, Sir Alex Mandossian, Sir Jason Gilbert and Sir Tcat Gilbert, For me it is the best course...thanks

Working as a freelancer.

by Sajjad Empty
Great place for learning. for working as a freelancer .learnt so many new things just like how to apply for the job and how to use the tools.and so many new things. Thank you so much.

I have a burning desire to learn some useful in education

by Saqib Ali Illyas Empty
I am interested to learn more about science

Too Good

by Ihsanullah Empty
The lecture is easy to understand

Good chance for learning and earning

by Arshad Hussain Empty
I am Arshad Hussain .I join today as on 28-9-2016 this course. and learn a lot of new things in this course. I wanna improve more in this regards. I am very thankful to your all team members,to arrange this good course.

I'M Teachable

by Riffat Abbas Empty

utilizing talent

by zain abbasi
I have learned many things. It was a great course.thank you muhammad saddique the founder of psea you have do a great job for students.This is the way of utalising student talent

The best course one could wish for

by rafay rehman
I just want to thank Mr.Siddique for just a well intro to I'm teachable program one of the best online program one could possibly wish for. The links provided makes it more aunthenticated and the people linking in this program can easily access through every aspect and just want to say once again that the best enterpreneurship program one could wish for. Thank you very much

I'm Teachable Course Review

by Mohammad Kashif None
I'm Teachable Course is a very informative course.

its very good

by Hafiz Muhammad Waqas Empty
i will prefer to others


by Danyal Khan

*I'M Teachable* is doing wonders.

by Momina Nasar None
Thank you Sir, for your time and all the "I'M Teachable" lessons.

I got motivation

by Nand Lal None
Before getting this course I didn't know my skills and talent but now I know that i have some talent and skill. It really encourage me. Thanks

good think

by Hafiz hassan Empty
this is a good job


by owais khan
I am happy to see good work , efforts this money making, learning website. Thank you for all your efforts. With Regards Owais Khan

I very thankful to learn new thing here

by Shoaib Bashir Empty
Hello Sir first of all I'm very thankful to you that you have given this opportunity so we learn something good for us I learn how to make facebook for attractive for others I learn about Twitter and linkedin also I'm happy for this thank you guys you are doing great work for poir people also

its good

by azeem akhtar
But i want to earn money you just take all information where is the steps of how to earn money?? === REPLY By AL-Sharif Foundation ===== That is covered in Fiverr Success Course and you will have the option to enroll in that course once you complete I'M Teachable 100% complete. At the end of I'M Teachable, there is video explains all in detail about enrolling into that. Always remember Success is the Journey so keep marching. Stay blessed and Best wishes.

I 'M Teachable

by Hamayun javed hamayun Empty

One of the Best Four Hours in my life

by Khurram Sajjaad
I am a Khurram sajjaad here from Istanbul (Turkey). I am computer Engineer and now doing master in International Business management from here. I belong to Narowal (Pak). I just saw a post on facebook about Pakistan social Entrepreneurship Academy in which Mr Siddique video message. I saved video and today , I started watching the video and then I followed instructions and complete this session. I learnt a lot of new things and vision and mission of Al Sharif Foundation . I really appreciate this effort . I promised myself that if get the chance to become a P-SEA member. As long as I shall earn from freelancing, I shall donate 25% of my earning to Al Sharif Foundation. I also want to stand in the list of Givers. My special thanks to Mr Israr , Mr Siddique and all P-SEA family. I am hopeful that one day dream of one million Entrepreneur will come true. Have a good time all,


by abdul waris

Good Experience

by Muhammad Kashif Empty
It was a bit nice experience to go through the course. Very basic things have been though.Great opportunity for learners and to earn. Thanks Alot

I'M Teachable Review

by Muhammad Hadi
I never really thought that becoming a social entrepreneur will head start this easy. Thanks Mr. Siqqique for being my virtual mentor

Learning kill about IT

by Naveed Khayal
From this course I have learnt the IT skill about the Facebook and linken and other social media this is very good course I would suggest to participate in this course online. 5 star

A Platform Not To Miss

by Khurram Zubair Qureshi
Friends & Entrepreneurs. I was searching for such opportunity where one can immediately start giving something back to society and I found PSEA. I genuinely recommend this to all including budding students and working professionals. While I am at this stage, I am eager to learn more from PSEA and be an effective member. This is a platform from where you can be virtually connected to your cause benefitting yourself and others. Wish you all the best of luck.

Remarkable Mission!

by Zeeshan Ali
Dear Mr. Siddiqui, I have seen your all videos and listened you carefully, you are absolute at the right path and mission, God Bless You and give you succes to promote youth and Pakistan. Forever Love, Zeeshan Ali

Perfect website for Learning

by Amjad ALi Empty
I have learned more than my expectations. its best website to understand the course. i am satisfied from teaching style.

great course

by Maseehullah None
i love it and i like so much thank you so much. sir for helping us.

Great effort

by Hameed Akhtar
Dear P-SEA Team, First of all, thank you very much for your initiative for the empowerment of Pakistani youth, who are searching for jobs and there is potential in our job market to compensate a huge number of candidates. I am glad to see such a tremendous effort for a great vision to empower the Pakistani youth by giving them such opportunity. I am also looking forward desperately, to learn your further courses and help other people to get the benefit from this project. With best wishes and regards, A life-long student, Hameed Akhtar Lahore, Pakistan

online workshope

by Mazhar Ali Sahito Empty
very easy and very nice p-sea.

Bravo Mr. Siddique

by Usman Empty
It is an excellent venture by Al-Sharif foundation. A lot of unemployed will benefit from it. I am on my way forward to complete the "Fiverr Success Course" and highly recommend it to others as well. Good luck and thank you P-SEA for giving me the scholarship. I promise that I will reimburse the 100$ fee of the course as soon as possible. Thank you Al-Sharif Foundation Usman Ullah


by Muhammad Ali Qureshi Qureshi
The course is in detail and Good learning process. The basic are met very well explained i changed my link name even having a profile on facebook for long time.

I Am Teachable Course

by Ansa Empty
This is a good course, designed with an aim to improve the following; 1) secure and fast data sharing and storage 2), strategies to improve public impression on social media sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn. Further, it helps to improve writing skills which will give a professional impression to the viewers. Overall its very useful course.

Thank you sir siddique

by Muhammad Muddassir
GOD bless you

I'M Teachable Online Workshop

by Muhammad Ismail
Very useful information about social media activity and upcoming training